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Comment Re:I guess I'm not surprised (Score 1) 241

To my know it's the only company with a fully implantable artificial hearth. It a French company created by the inventor of the artificial hearth valve.

Plus the product specification totally match the article:

The videos are over there:


Solar-Powered Flight Grounded By Equipment Bug 28

crimeandpunishment writes "If your plane is powered by the sun, it's tough to fly if your crew is in the dark. A 24-hour test flight for the world's first solar-powered round-the-world flight had to be postponed Thursday due to an equipment problem that would have left mission control out of touch with the technology on the experimental aircraft. When they're able to make this test flight, they hope by flying all day they'll be able to fully charge the batteries, then use the stored energy to power the plane all night."
Data Storage

Best Format For OS X and Linux HDD? 253

dogmatixpsych writes "I work in a neuroimaging laboratory. We mainly use OS X but we have computers running Linux and we have colleagues using Linux. Some of the work we do with Magnetic Resonance Images produces files that are upwards of 80GB. Due to HIPAA constraints, IT differences between departments, and the size of files we create, storage on local and portable media is the best option for transporting images between laboratories. What disk file system do Slashdot readers recommend for our external HDDs so that we can readily read and write to them using OS X and Linux? My default is to use HFS+ without journaling but I'm looking to see if there are better suggestions that are reliable, fast, and allow read/write access in OS X and Linux."

EU Plans To Make Apple, Adobe and Others Open Up 389

FlorianMueller writes "After pursuing Microsoft and Intel, European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes is now preparing an initiative that could have an even greater impact on the IT industry: a European interoperability law that will affect not only companies found dominant in a market but all 'significant' players. In a recent interview, Mrs. Kroes mentioned Apple. Nokia, RIM and Adobe would be other examples. All significant market players would have to provide access to interfaces and data formats, with pricing constraints considered 'likely' by the commissioner. Her objective: 'Any kind of IT product should be able to communicate with any type of service in the future.' The process may take a few years, but key decisions on the substance of the bill may already be made later this year."

Comment Re:no encryption in France (Score 2, Informative) 282

40bit legilsation was never enforced even by state authority neither the 128bit, they never get an application decree. They are undead law, the law passed trough the chambers but never get used become the government never write an application decree with all the practical implication of the law. In short the law exist but no authority will chase you if you trespass it. It's a weird but common situation.

The situation was clarified in the 2004 law on the digital economy.

The official law text ( = French government )

Article 30
I. - L'utilisation des moyens de cryptologie est libre.

I. - The use of means of cryptology is free.

II. - La fourniture, le transfert depuis ou vers un Etat membre de la Communauté européenne, l'importation et l'exportation des moyens de cryptologie assurant exclusivement des fonctions d'authentification ou de contrôle d'intégrité sont libres.

II. - The supply, transfer to or from a member state of the European Community, import and export of means of cryptology carrying out only functions of Authentication or integrity check are free.

III. - La fourniture, le transfert depuis un Etat membre de la Communauté européenne ou l'importation d'un moyen de cryptologie n'assurant pas exclusivement des fonctions d'authentification ou de contrôle d'intégrité sont soumis à une déclaration préalable auprès du Premier ministre, sauf dans les cas prévus au b du présent III. Le fournisseur ou la personne procédant au transfert ou à l'importation tiennent à la disposition du Premier ministre une description des caractéristiques techniques de ce moyen de cryptologie, ainsi que le code source des logiciels utilisés. Un décret en Conseil d'Etat fixe :

III. - The supply, transfer from a Member State of the European Community or importation of an encryption function that does not ensure only authentication or integrity check are subject to prior declaration to the Prime Minister except in cases provided for in this b III. The provider or person making the transfer or importation give to the Prime Minister a description of the technical characteristics of this form of cryptography, and the source code of the software used. Etc.

Comment Re:French Fag POV (Score 2, Insightful) 282

They don't monitor the messages (they don't have the right and don't care ) but the use of the radio frequencies resources and who emit from where. As long they could identify who's behind the signal they really don't care.

As i said, you could put Internet in the loop if you want and do X phone VOIP radio Y, as long as X and Y are registered operator with the right to use this frequency, the ARCEP don't really care.

What they really don't want is some thing like anonymous radio anonymous. It's a question of liability, you can broadcast what you want but you assume complete liability and responsibility of the communication. You couldn't hide behind "the internet" or something else if some one miss use your equipment.

Comment Re:no encryption in France (Score 1) 282

That a plain lie, encryption is totally free for personal use and most common use. Except for some military grade radio-communication equipment the legislation is even lighter than in the USA. We can for exemple export crypto software to cuba.

What's really sucks is a law condemning you to jail time if you don't give your password during any criminal investigation.

Comment French Fag POV (Score 4, Informative) 282

1. Internet, the ARCEP warn the HAM operator about the legislation. If you want to run a public telecommunication service you must conform to the pretty heavy legislation about it and it nearly impossible in the HAM environment. Plus HAM frequency aren't supposed to be connect to an open network for non HAM operator use.

2. Cryptografic & National Security, In fact most french HAM operator i know are pretty free software enthusiast and most of them are again proprietary codec and close standard. We have a large number of guys developing mixed HAM/VOIP service with ASTERISK or other kind of crazy stuff. The ARCEP simply said that in the current state of the D-Star standard, It not possible to the ARCEP and other HAM operator to monitor what's going on the frequency.

3. Patents, The standard is cover by many patent and that could be a problem for equal access and monitoring of the frequencies. In short, the ARCEP is again brand specific frequencies and standards for the HAM.

If you can read the ARCEP response letter, the situation is pretty simple. A guy from the DR@F Digital HAM group asked for a authorization for experimental use of the D-Star frequences bands. The ARCEP gave the authorization for 6 months, they asked for up to 10 members authorization they get it and 6 more months. Then they ask for a France wide general authorization for all registered HAM operator. Then the ARCEP politely explain that clearly out of the experimentation range and that clearly another story. For the ARCEP amateur radio group are suppose to be amateur and can't start negotiation for a national wide deployment in place of the manufacturer or consortium behind the standard or the equipment.
D-Star equipment manufacturer need to get in contact with the ARCEP to clarify some issue, like the patent and the possibility of interconnection with an open network ( internet, phone, etc. ). HAM frequence are suppose to be used only by and for registered HAM operator. You couldn't start your own nation wide pager network using HAM frequency.

This seem pretty reasonable to me.

Comment Re:Obvious EU centrism (Score 2, Insightful) 44

I can't tell if you are trolling or if you really did fail basic set theory.

I'm just trolling, it's just funny that the only research institution name in the topic is the University of California, when the only researcher form this university started this study in the INRIA ( where he worked before moving to Irvine ).

It's a minor case of US monopolization ;-)

Comment Re:Obvious EU centrism (Score 1) 44

>>And French people aren't European as well?

Who said they are French ? You don't need to be french or european to work in the inria.

If I follow your logic mention the University of Irvine is unnecessary since all researchers are European.
If the article refers to the research facility they works for, it's wrong too because the INRIA isn't European.


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