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Comment Re:Well ... (Score 4, Insightful) 203

if the company doesn't care enough to have a replacement hired, or a system in place to store this knowledge ... they either don't know or don't care enough to plan for this.

I almost took this attitude the last time I changed jobs, but I realized it wasn't to help the company as a whole or my manager. It was for my immediate colleagues and juniors who would have to fill in. They were the ones who could make the most use and who appreciated the extra transition effort.

Comment Ric Weiland (Score 1) 224

I would have liked to hear from Ric Weiland but it's not possible since he died in 2006. He was responsible for the BASIC that I learned on: The Microsoft BASIC-in-ROM that came with my family's Ohio Scientific Challenger 4P (a 6502-based system from 1978 that had hardware similarities to Commodore systems). It also featured the first "Easter Egg" I remember: The system's boot prompt was "C/W/M?" (i.e. cold boot, warm boot, monitor). If you selected "A", it responded with "WRITTEN BY RICHARD W. WEILAND."

Comment Fiber length? (Score 1) 321

Some facilities such as the Mahwah, New Jersey, NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) data center have rolls of fiber so that every cage has exactly the same length of fiber running to the exchange cages.

That just seems silly. They should be charging higher rents for the shorter cables.

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