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Comment You all make me laugh... (Score 1) 761

I know that slashdot is the land of extremists, but why can't someone just like things that work? I've ran Windows(multiple variants), Linux(multiple distros), and now Mac os. I'm sticking with Mac, it works; and is as simple or as technical as I want it to be. Most of all, I just like things that just work. It's the reason why most of my guns are glocks, and most of my cars are Hondas.

Comment Lol... (Score 0, Troll) 502

I know this is /. but WTF? Do any of you every have a lady friend over who might want to watch tv, and not sit in separate chairs in front of the computer? Quit being cheap asses, get a tv, get cable, and for god's sake, get laid once in awhile. Trust me, spending your time making a woman cum is much more enjoyable then spending your time trying to find free/cheap tv. $71? are you fucking kidding me? Are you all that fucking cheap?

Comment Re:Don't click the link bait! (Score 1) 671

My thoughts exactly, I do more research for an hour meeting than he did for his article. I hope they didn't pay him for that drivel.

One thing I still don't understand, why do 95% of the people on slashdot not get that this is not for them? It really is true sometimes that the smarter you are, the less common sense you have. Let me put this in terms you will understand:

You: Halt Mr. Jobs, is that a general purpose, open, computing device that I can load linux onto and do whatever I want with it?

Jobs(Waving hand): This is not the tablet you are looking for.....

Comment Re:Its not you its me (Score 1) 134

Interesting, I wouldn't think that the network would care if it hurt the feelings of fans or producers; but I think your correct. Two shows come to mind off the top of my head: Threshold(ok, I just love Gina Gugino) and Surface. Oh, and also Eerie, Indiana I believe as well. Although I don't know if Eerie was too cerebral, I just think that kids have no taste :)

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