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Comment Computer Components (Score 1) 242

They should've turned into a computer boutique store. There are tons of them around where I live, all start ups. There is definitely a market for computer repair and/or parts, if they're remotely competitive with online prices they could definitely have something. Computers are a hobby now days, it really sucks they actually got out of it. The shift in focus went from pure 'electronics' to computers, which is why they don't have a target base anymore. Most people aren't doing custom solder jobs while tinkering, but tinkering with their computers.

Comment Heurestic Cheat Detection (Score 1) 224

There are two ways of dealing with this and neither has been done. Everyone does the cat and mouse game of chasing down constantly mutating hacks that never works. You have to either lock down the system or add a system that looks for the behavior the cheats present (not the cheats themselves).

A behavior analysis program based off data could very easily do this with little to no false positives. Essentially it's doing what everyone else is already doing, which is looking for the behavior of cheaters. There was a version of this called 'Hack Cam' which came around almost a decade ago, but got shut down due to various nefarious reasons and nothing has risen to take it's place. It works based off the players behavior and scores them accordingly. With enough data the player can be reliably banned.

Aimbots function like a machine, if the game detects a cross snapping to a bunch of peoples faces in a linear fashion with machinery precision - ban.

If someone is looking at someone through a wall constantly before they ever see them - ban.

If someone is manveuring around someone they don't know is there constantly - ban.

If someone moves to dodge something they shouldn't know is coming - ban.

Constantly going around the map dodging people - ban

There is a lot of behavior that could be easily compiled and then used for this purpose. Valve has databases of players and infrastructure to process and take care of this stuff. There is an example of the above system working that I preserved here:

That came out almost a decade ago and the idea and methodology for it hasn't changed, because regardless of how cheats and change and mutate, people don't. The way they interact with the environment and process information does not change. It does based off stimuli, especially off stimuli they shouldn't have access to.

The other option for cheat detection is a completely locked down system and I don't know why console developers haven't been advertising this in spades. This is the ONE area consoles excel at: They're locked down. Meaning it's incredibly hard (not impossible) to cheat on them. They could even be seen and marketed as 'the competitive system', because cheating would be almost none existent. If they took this concept even further I'm sure they could further lock down the systems so it would be next to impossible to install anything on it without their permission, especially with things like soldered on storage. Making it neigh impossible for the average joe, let alone advanced ones to do anything on it. They just need to offer the same experience as on a PC along with the ability to use a mouse and keyboard in all games. This is actually one of the reasons I went from PC FPS's to consoles. It's not worth playing FPS's on the PC anymore, regardless of how good they are.

Locked down is easier to do then behavior heuristics, but heuristics would catch almost all cheaters over time. Locked down would just prevent them up front.

Comment Social Norms (Score 1) 482

Women get a ton of messages because guys are supposed to start the conversations (in the US). Some females even list that they wont message you first on their Tinder profile. Being submissive is the way things go and then people bitch about it when people go out of their way to message them? Jesus, just push ignore and move on. No one is forcing you to continue to listen to them. Just another thing that's wrong with female culture in the US as well.

But we all know a app where females have to communicate first wont fly, so they have to make something ass backwards like a dating show for every female out there. The amount of messages each female gets will decrease over time as females become more prominent online as well.

Comment Re:"console shooter" (Score 1) 93

I'm definitely in the minority here, but I'm a avid PC gamer, believe in the PC master race, and haven't owned a console since Gamecube, but I'm considering going back to consoles JUST for FPS's. This seems asinine and I can hardly believe I'm considering doing it, but rampant cheating in FPS's now days that's being swept under the rug is horrendous. About the worst thing you have on consoles is mouse/keyboard dongles and modded lobbies. That's it. The PC FPS scene is a mess as far as cheat detection and cheating goes and no one pays it any mind. Most people don't even know what to look for and that makes it that much worse. With the elusive 'He just plays in his moms basement 24/7 that's why he can see through walls and get a constant stream of headshots' doesn't help things.

This actually may be the saving grace of consoles. It's too bad they're still being billed as 'casual' entertainment systems, rather then a locked down and secure OS people can't really cheat on. They really should allow you to use a mouse and keyboard from the getgo instead of going out of your way to buy dongles, people do it anyway. They also need to give it the PC treatment and unconsolize games that are even being made for consoles.

You can use gamepads on the PC, why not a mouse and keyboard on a console? Is that really the defining factor of a console? The only console that's really 'casual' anymore is the Wii anyway.

Comment Oculus is dumb (Score 1) 131

Yup... you know why? Because the Rift is practically a finished product. Now it's just coming down to who gets the product first. It could've been released with the first dev kit on a normal release cycle, but instead they've been holding it over people for half a decade. Sure it would've been buggy, but it's definitely getting fixed and being improved on. Now they're on gen like five and have pretty much a finished product and they're still releasing it as a dev kit.

There is a point at which you're actually hurting yourself and those that want to use your product by not releasing it in a timely manner or releasing it in very limited quantities. The very fact that there is a giant resale market indicates people want this as a product so badly they'll throw absurd amounts of money at it. I already thought about purchasing a dev kit just to resell it because I know there is demand for it.

For all the brains Oculus has and all the doctorates their employees possess, they still act completely retarded when it comes to supply and demand. It doesn't matter if the product isn't 100%, it doesn't need to be and what is 100% anyway?

Comment Re:Turn off, tune out. (Score 1) 127

Yup, and then when they finish school they'll realize their friend circle is shrinking and the only place to find them is bars and at work. All of a sudden Facebook is cool again.

Facebook isn't cool with the really youngins because it's cool with the older adults. The same stuff hits everyone though and all they have to do if they don't want you touching theirs is set permissions.

Comment Re:Article is empty (Score 1) 305

And this is why a lot of video games suck. You have someone on slashdot writing a post that better describes the issues then an 'established' video game designer.

I think video games is a lot like art and people like to pretend you can simply break things down into analogies and analyze them with the market. You can't. Time and time again it's shown that big winners are new and unique. You can't copy the crap out of everything and expect it to work, like a lot of video game designers do. 'We take a element from here, a little bit of this, a dash of this, oh this color was good in this video game' and all of a sudden you have a steaming PoS.

This is both good and bad. It means there will always be really bad video game designers (as artists, who never have a knack for it but try anyway), but at the same time there isn't any one easy way to quantify or point out a good artist... except by their sales (which is usually a bad way of quantifying art). Focusing way too much on a single problem, like the above video game designer did, will lead to a game just about doors that's not flushed out in any other way... and that's usually boring, unless it involves goats.

Comment Delivery Tool (Score 1) 181

This has nothing to do with powerpoint being bad and chalk being good. Anyone who has went through school knows there are also professors or people in general that simply talk to the chalk board and carry on with themselves. They don't know how to engage the audience or use their tools to make the audience want to talk. I've seen both good presentations and bad with powerpoint. The same goes for chalk lectures. It's just a delivery tool, the rest depends on whoever is the one giving the information out.

In this case we're figuring out that some people just talk to the powerpoint and when they use chalk, they actually have to sit there and process the information, which gives them time to walk things over better with whoever is listening. It's entirely based on the person and has nothing to do with chalk > powerpoint or whatever.

I've had professors give lectures based on powerpoint, chalk, overheads, whiteboard, sometimes with nothing more then a sheet of paper... it ENTIRELY depends on who is giving it and their ability to make those around them understand... Basically just being a good teacher.

Comment Re:please skip this story (Score 1) 70

This sort of haughty attitude seems to be regarded with anyone with a outside view when confronting a well entrenched area of science. Perhaps, maybe, people outside of whatever academic circle you're in may have a fresh set of ideas and views that are otherwise hammered out of you when you're brought up through a set of rigorous courses made to make you think in a certain way.

Comment Re:Zirconium (Score 1) 92

Dumping water on a grease fire comes to mind reading this. Very informative.

Makes you wonder why some sort of dry agent hasn't been developed to cope with this as with any fire where water is a bad idea, but still better then the alternatives. I guess this goes to show that nuclear is still in it's infancy.

Comment Bored (Score 1) 173

This has more to do with people being bored and not having the normal technical gadgets distracting them or keeping them up rather then 'nature doing it's work'. If people are bored or have nothing to do, they'll go to bed at 10 or whatever once all the social interaction dies out. That's really the only thing that happens while camping. You walk around and do stuff during the day, and talk to people at night or simply go to sleep. It's pretty binary.

You could do the same thing simply by going to bed early or turning off your phone or other electronics that keep you up or occupied.

Comment Re:Cherry MX Brown (Score 2) 177

I disagree, being a pretty hardcore gamer and having used both reds and browns. You need that tactile feedback in order to understand exactly where you can pivot the keypress on. With reds, sure you can actuate more often and faster, but generally you don't spam the keyboard to just register one keypress and even if you do, you're generally bottoming the keyes out to make sure they register because you don't know where that actuation point is. With browns you can rock on that actuation point up and down with a firm understand of when a key register and when it's done registering.

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