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Comment Re:Mislead (Score 1) 31

That's not necessarily true either. A scheduling analysis could be performed to determine the real-time capabilities of the system. A simple stability program running on a massively overpowered linux system could be proven to guarantee scheduling at a low update rate. It's just not an efficient real-time system.

Submission + - Rare operating Apple 1 rakes in $374,500 at Sotheby's auction (networkworld.com)

coondoggie writes: "It's not one of a kind but pretty darn close. Sotheby's this week auctioned off a rare working Apple 1 computer for $374,500 to an unnamed bidder. The price was more than double the expected price listed on the Sotheby's web site.
The Sotheby's notes about the Apple 1 say it is one of six thought to be operational boxes and one of about 50 known to exist."

Comment Re:No alarm clock here (Score 2) 197

That only works if your body's natural clock is fairly close to 24h and your rhythm can sync in with the clock. I think average is around 24.5h. I'm in around the 25h mark. I can sync with 24h for a few days, but if I leave it natural I'll add an hour every day (vacation or on flex time).

Comment Get a good adapter set (Score 3, Informative) 165

I've used a GQ-4X Willem Programmer with good success. The trick is to get a good set of adapters, so you have the flexibility to cover many packages. PSOP, TSOP, etc. I've even found one that lets me do a serial SOIP8 EEPROM while it is still on the board-- very handy to not need the remove&resolder.

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