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Comment Re:Simple, right? (Score 1) 541

You usually can't get better meat than freezer beef that you raised. What you get from your local Krogers or wherever just isn't as good.

Sometimes it's not always about the money. I'm sure it kept my Grandfather alive. He lived to 94 years old and worked on the farm up until that last 4-6 months of his life. He fed calves and did other chores or whatever he could do. He even helped pull wagons while doing hay during last years hay season. If he had just decided to sit in his rocking chair at 65, he wouldn't have lasted as long as he did.

Comment Re:Simple, right? (Score 1) 541

Well, actually, there are several small farms around here as well in TN. One thing I point out was that there are not many small, _self-sufficient_ farms. Most of the small farms are guys who are getting a little supplementary income from selling beef head or some of the more affluent people playing what we like to call 'weekend warriors'. They don't like that term so much :) Though I guess I can't laugh. My 9-5 is in IT then I go head out to the farm on Saturday.

Comment Re:Simple, right? (Score 1) 541

I don't know what area of the country you are in, but really, a farm that consist of less than 100 acres is extremely rare, or at least getting more rare. It is not enough to really sustain a living wage these days. My father owns a dairy farm in the south east US and I still work with him on it on the weekends. If all we had was 100 acres, he would've had to hang it up years ago.

Also, many people that buy fertilizer (not all, of course) buy it and it is spread for them by their local co-op or whoever since that equipment is so expensive for the amount you'd use it.

Comment Re:Oh dear (Score 1) 413

Einstein did believe in a God. His belief would probably be categorized as Deism. He believed in a deity that created the Universe, but he did not believe in a personal God that performs miracles, comforts the sick, etc, etc. He often spoke of figuring out the secrets that God created in the universe. If I recall, it was all too mathmatical for there not to be some sort of deity to have created it in the first place.

As a young boy, he did have strong faith. He observed Jewish practices, but as a teen, he rejected it. It was later in life that he came to the conclusion that there is a God.

Comment Re:Fight back (Score 1) 674

Linux patch management is flexible, allowing automated patching of systems on a self imposed schedule; e.g. desktops automatically, servers at night after warning.

WSUS is very capable of doing this. I often set all desktops to auto update with critical updates and set the servers in a group that doesn't update. I then manually update them myself, as needed.

Comment Re:Not enough data (Score 1) 115

In the book Freakonomics, this is one of their conclusions. The fully admit that the 2 datums are correlated, but books do not necessarily make the children smarter. It more likely genetic predisposition. Smarter parents are more likely to have more books. They then pass their genetic disposition for intelligence to the child. Or it could be they care more, thus try harder.

Very interesting book. I highly enjoyed it. Especially the section on parent intervention into a child's education.

Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

Back in college when I smoked a lot of pot I thought smoking and driving was OK. I didn't think it impaired me that much. It wasn't until I was driving and I was convinced I saw a man being hanged from a light pole. A real lynching! I was freaking out. Then as I got closer I realized it was just kudzu hanging down off a light pole. It didn't stop me from driving at the time, but I decided it wasn't that safe. I regret it now, but at the time I didn't really care that much.

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