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Comment Re:There are more important issues right now (Score 3, Interesting) 152

Though the name implies it, a large part of the pirate parties program is citizen rights, including non-censorship and anti-surveillance. What they think of other topics is mostly irreleveant - in germany the stance on surveillance of the politicians of the big parties already changed siginficantly when they noticed that there is indeed a large percentage of people who care about it. The fact that they just behave that way because they are afraid to lose votes isn't really relevant.

Comment Re:This has to fail (Score 1) 67

Yes, Serious Gamer, it's US smart foamy mouthed PC gamers versus THEM, the gamepad-wielding idiots!

Really, "Serious gamers" who "laugh at FPS games with a gamepad"... what do serious gamers actually do? I mean I play a lot, own hundreds of games, all consoles, a capable PC (though I rarely play on that platform anymore). But I still don't know what to do to become a serious gamer.

Comment Re:More to the story.. (Score 1) 326

game companies would just succeed if only they removed all DRM!

Don't forget that they also would have much more success if they weren't so console fixated, holding PC gamers back graphics-wise, while they also should go back to the roots because burger time and infocom adventures were the pinnacle of gaming and almost all indi-games are way superior to any big production.

Comment Re:Rape? In Sweden? (Score 1) 1017

Most marriages or even normal relationships wouldn't survive if sex was only ever had with "enthusiastic consent". Oh, and there are situations where both are unenthusiastic (yes, that happens!), or I am unenthusiastic at first as a man, but the girl is persisting. Neither one have I ever really regretted. Oh, and there is absolutely no way I know to turn a woman off faster than asking every step of the way if you really can do that. May try that next time when I'm not that enthusiastic. "I'm tired of the phrase enthusiastic consent" - Benjamin Franklin

Comment Re:Duh ... (Score 1) 269

Most slashdot geeks say they're non-religious, though they still have the urge to believe in a greater entity that is "good" without any doubt. Currently it's google, and like most religious people, they will defend their deity even against their own beliefs and technical knowledge. Would you believe anyone would have modded this post flamebait if the story was about MS doing the same thing? Or any other company, for that matter?

Comment Re:Cheevos (Score 1) 157

Unlike leaderboards for multiplayer games, I can't really see how one could get competitive over gamerscores/achievements (if you're over, say, 20). If anything, I would try to hide it if I had a large number of points since it more or less directly translates to how much time i spend sitting in front of my TV, playing / grinding games.

Comment Re:No, they need to die (Score 1) 157

Despite having a slight OCD when it comes to single player RPGs, I never considered achievements important enough to be driven by it. For example, I enjoyed doing all of the optional missions in Final Fantasy XIII, but never cared to 5 star all of them for an achievement, since, well, dead is dead.

And I never played a game where achievements where more than a slight extension, never the driving force behind gameplay. Really, never (I'm talking single player games only).

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