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Submission + - Is There An Encrypted Net For The Everyman?

BenEnglishAtHome writes: It's easy to predict that the Tarkin Effect will someday lead to ubiquitous net encryption. Perhaps a global DMCA will be enough to push the process over the top, leading the everyman to insist on Freenet-like ubiquitous net encryption. So, Slashdot, survey the myriad projects out there and tell me: What is the current and future state of encrypted networks for the masses?

Submission + - US Fed Govt Says All Music Downloads Are Theft 1

BenEnglishAtHome writes: Nearly all U.S. government employees and contractors are subject to mandatory annual information security briefings. This year the official briefing flatly states that all downloaded music is stolen. The occasionally breathless tone of the briefing and the various minor errors contained therein are funny but the real eye-opener is a "secure the building" exercise where employees stumble across security problems and resolve them. According to the material, the correct response to an employee who is downloading music is to shout "That's stealing!" No mention is made of more-free licenses, public domain works, or any other legitimate download. If this were a single agency or department that had made a mistake in their training material it might not be so shocking. But this is a government-wide training package that's being absorbed by hundreds of thousands of federal employees, both civilian and military.

If you see a co-worker downloading music, they're stealing. Period. Who woulda thunk it?

Somebody should mirror this. Who wants to bet that copies will become hard to find if clued-in technogeeks take notice and start making noise?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Porn Collecting - What tools are best?

BenEnglishAtHome writes: What tools do you need to best build a porn collection? It's a geek in-joke that there are serious porn collectors in our ranks but it's also true. Anybody can get a usenet server account and try to grab all the binaries in the alt.* hierarchy or use a spidering program and grab a million files off the web. However, it takes serious tools and commitment to handle the resulting 100,000-file directories. How would you set up your ideal porn-collection system (OS, file system, hardware minimums, setup tuning tips)? What programs make it easy to edit/sort/file/view millions of media files? How do you identify and toss the dross that inevitably makes up 99% of what you download? Share, brother geeks, and make life better for us all.

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