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Comment Re: No basis in reality (Score 3, Insightful) 212

Check out the F-Droid store. K9mail for email, OsmAnd~ for mapping/navigation, firefox, vlc, Face Slim if you really must use facebook. Not using google play store and the related services does wonders for your battery life. It's perfectly feasible to run a productively useful yet google-free android phone.

Comment Well I like it! (Score 2) 127

Any article about KDE seems to bring out the haters, but I have used it since version 1 on Corel Linux (remeber Corel?). I've tried most other desktops over the years, and particularly tried really hard to like Enlightenment, but have always stuck with KDE. Even through the dodgy early years of KDE4. I just love how well all KDE apps integrate together, and I actually like that I can customise everything if I want.

Comment Re: I"m safe! (Score 1) 98

Is it possible to use LXC containers in an android kernel? Containerise the app and control it's access. Maybe use that to allow the presentation of multiple different address books to different containers so that Facebook only gets to see the contacts you actually use Whatsapp to talk to. Feed fake location data to other apps so they think you are in Antarctica.

Comment Re: Why is this a surprise ? (Score 1) 158

If you have a rooted phone and something like titanium backup then you can simply freeze location services and all the other google stuff you don't want or need (including maps). I use osmand for navigation as it works offline with downloaded maps. All the google stuff is frozen all the time, apart from brief occasions when I unfreeze just enough to pull app updates from play store. Seriously, if you're going to rob banks then root your phone first.....

Comment When the car makers, Governments and insurance com (Score 1) 381

If I run over your child, I might be prosecuted if the police can prove I was drunk or driving dangerously. You could try sueing me, but I haven't got enough for you to recover your legal costs. When the self-driving car made by a large multi-national corporation runs over your child, you will be rapidly surrounded by lawyers desperate to represent you as you try to claim your millions. Even if the child runs out in front of you, they will claim that a human could have anticipated it, and therefore the self-driving car should have. If the self-driving car does anticipate it and brake in time to miss the child, the driver of the car behind will sue for whiplash when he runs into the back of you. It will be a field day for lawyers when machines made by deep-pocketed corporations are responsible for decisions, as opposed to fallible and poor humans.

Comment Re: WooHoo! Of course, I'll believe it when I see (Score 1) 158

I'll settle for that. We are on Win 7 Pro at work. Apparently Win 10 Pro isn't equivalent, and to get the same level of control we will need to get Win 10 Enterprise at whatever cost. It's 2016 now, so I hope that between now and 2020 either MS will see sense and start treating it's customers decently, or managing the corporate network will be someone elses problem.

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