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Comment Used paper (Score 1) 314

On the back of old hardcopy. It's already been used so it's basically free and portable. You can rip off the piece you need and stuff it in your pocket or hand it to someone else and it's handier than any electronic gadget. You don't have to bring up the right ap first.

Comment Good riddance (Score 1) 316

As one of the pre-teens reading comics during the late forties and early fifties (Including the horror stuff that was one of the things the busy-bodies complained about.) I think that foolishness alone proves congress has always been a pack of idiots unqualified to do anything but waste the peoples money on stupidity. The difference between the stuff published pre-code and afterward was obvious even to those of us with single digit ages. Even the mainstream things like Superman and Batman went to total dumb and boring while anything that might make you think was verboten. Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse were more intellectually challenging than the trash DC was putting out and the predecessor of Marvel mostly did terrible sci-fi hackery.

Comment Send the Robots after the Lawyers (Score 1) 202

Really all of our national foundations seem to have been compromised by wiseguys who have figured out how to game the systems. Our legal system has become the weapon of choice for robbery by lawyers and our economy has been trashed by bankers and Wall-Streeters who have turned that system into a mega Rube Goldberg machine that nobody can figure out.

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