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Comment Multiple tests (Score 1) 637

Start with an test that measures the person's knowledge on all levels taken from the experts. Then test to see who has the most influence in politics. And when you get down to the last two. To measure physical strength, have a dual to the death at the half time of Superbowl.

Comment In General (Score 1) 63

I personally find cell phone batteries in general dangerous. I remember a number of years ago when apple was going through something similar with Cell batteries catching fire. If I remember correctly there was an Iphone that did catch fire on the plane and burned a seat. All you need to do is simply damage almost any kind of cell battery and it can go up in smoke.

Comment Cut them loose (Score 1) 271

I'm in favor of ISPs / streaming video companies to just deny any usage of their product in PA. Thus deny the tax and get people upset at the government. "WHAT IF THE BUSINESS DOESN’T COLLECT THE TAX? The customer should report the 6 percent tax on the purchase as use tax on their Pennsylvania personal income tax return the following year." How is anyone going to track this to let the government know what they've streamed and pay it? On the flip side, it could be used as a catch all to incriminate anyone.

Comment Re:Traffic lanes designated to buses or bicycles n (Score 1) 165

I agree, one thing people forget about are protocols such as VOIP which kind of needs to have a priority over other protocols. It's kind of the reason MPLS has been developed because some protocols need to be a bit more real-time than others. It's kind of a catch-22 situation. 1. We don't want ISPs to be preventing specific traffic for their own greedy purposes. 2. As technology progresses, there maybe more protocols that need real time "priority" over others, should these protocols be slowed or placed on the same priority as everything else. Life's just not fair, nor should we treat every protocol the same.

Comment Enough with Diversity (Score 4, Insightful) 265

Just getting tired about all this diversity stuff and not enough with just simply having the best workers. If they want diversity why does this seem to be limited to the Technology area and not to other areas like medicine? For examples most nurses are women, you don't hear them saying they need more men in nursing?

Comment Human Error (Score 1) 265

Here's my thing is that tons of people die from drunk drivers and random physical ailments which then turn to an accident. I would argue that self driving cars would allow those people who would drive drunk or those slow elderly to get around safer. The down side is that with the nice security features built(Not) into cars, hackers could always have a self driving car go off a cliff.

Comment Need more time (Score 1) 397

I agree completely with the author. However one of the biggest challenges is that formal education runs on a time table which some people simply need more time in certain areas. However when involved with formal education you cannot simply put a class on hold for a single person. So the person who does need more time will never get it, especially if they're going for a 4 year degree. It's funny how the educated forget how the human mind can take time to grow when learning something new.

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