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Comment Re:YOU STEAL MEN'S SOULS! (Score 3, Informative) 364

Would you like to specify which of Bach's many fugues you're referring to? He wrote a couple books full of them, as well as seperate works.

Fugue is a type of music. Not a title.
He was probably referring to Bach's 'Toccata and Fugue in D minor', which is the more well known fugue of Bach.

Submission + - NVIDIA Demo: Ultra Realistic Human Head

Bozdemir writes: "Finally we will able to control real-like characters, Nvidia unleashed a new technology, this is a nice proof of what will the future games will look like, ultra realism ! It is a new epoch ! Take look at the screen shots. (These are real time screen shots, not a render of hours-long processing :) ) , this is a demo made for GeForce 8800 Ultra, you may learn the details from the demo site of Nvidia. Check out it now ! -head/"

Submission + - How to moderate an underlying story

cprael writes: "So, it's rather obvious how to moderate comments that are good or bad, crap or interesting. But how does one do same to the underlying article? I'm not suggesting on a regular basis, but every once in a while, some of the top-level story stuff that gets posted just cries out to be moderated. Man bites dog journalism, slow news day... it's still crap. And deserves to mod'd accordingly."

Submission + - Aussie Software Pirate Extradited to USA

rjodwyer writes: "Hew Griffiths, an Australian is has been extradited for trial in America for crimes committed outside of the USA, and to a country to which he has never set foot in. Leader of the infamous Drink or Die cracking group, he has been extradited to the USA, in what only seems to be Australia bowing under pressure from America. As Australian Senator Ellison had the power to refuse extradition, this looks like Australia handed him over to satisfy corporate interests in America. His fellow crackers had their trials conducted in their own countries."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Steve Jobs highest paid CEO - $646 Mil

Whiney Mac Fanboy writes: "Fans of Apple CEO Steve Jobs are quick to point out that he is only paid a $1 salary for his role at Apple. However, according to Forbes he's the highest paid executive in the US — to the tune of 646 Million dollars for 2006. From the article

Forbes said the highest-paid CEOs were not always those that delivered the most to shareholders.Forbes said by its analysis, Apple's Jobs was 36th. Topping the list was John Bucksbaum of General Growth Properties, a real-estate investment trust. Over the past six years, Bucksbaum was paid $US723,000 a year while delivering a 39 per cent annual return to shareholders.
I wonder how much of that $646 Million was from improperly backdated options?"
The Courts

Submission + - Aussie pirate extradited to the US

doll_yoko writes: "Setting a disturbing precedent, the Australian Government has co-operated fully with US authorities to facilitate the extradition of Australian resident Hew Griffith to face charges in Virginia for US copyright violations. Griffith was allegedly the leader of a New South Wales branch of Drink or Die, a software cracking network, which circulated warez for free download. He has been fighting extradition in the Australian courts since the US Department of Justice charged him in 2003. He is facing a fine of US $500,000 and up to 10 years in prison. He will be sentenced in June 2007. are-pirate-extradited/2007/05/06/1178390182639.htm l"
Linux Business

Submission + - Dell to choose Ubuntu

An anonymous reader writes: DesktopLinux reports that source from Dell unofficially confirm that Ubuntu 7.04 will be the distribution of choice for Linux preloaded computers. "While unable to confirm this through official Dell channels, we have heard the same story now from several internal Dell sources. They tell us that the Austin, Texas, computer giant will be preinstalling the newly released Ubuntu 7.04. These systems will be released in late May 2007. According to our sources, Ubuntu will be released on a Dell e-series "Essential" Dimension desktop, an XPS desktop, and an e-series Inspiron laptop."
The Internet

Submission + - Mistaken YouTube takedown of national TV reporter

parodyca writes: David Akin is a national TV reporter for CTV in Canada. Youtube recently took down his home video of his trip to Vimy Ridge (A Canadian national monument) in France. His video was here and was ordered down via DMCA by a law firm called Holland & Hart LLP. But from Akins description there is nothing possibly infringing in the video. By strange coincidence another video was also ordered down by the same law firm. Is this another example of the consequences of not having any accountability for these takedown notices? Having now happen to a national TV reporter with the DMCA get the bad press it so richly deserves?

Submission + - iGoogle To Debut

An anonymous reader writes: It's time to bid adieu to the Google Personalized Home Page. In just a few hours, Google will release its replacement called iGoogle. iGoogle will have a new Gadget Maker feature that will let people create their own gadgets with their own content without having to know any code or HTML. One of the templates — GoogleGram, an unfolding "greeting card" gadget that shows different messages and images over seven days.

Submission + - MIT Dean of Admissions Resigns Over Faked Resume

theodp writes: "Marilee Jones, who crusaded against the pressure on students to build resumes for elite colleges, resigned as dean of admissions at MIT after acknowledging she had faked her own academic credentials. Despite Jones' claims of having degrees from Union College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the Albany Medical College, an MIT inquiry did not find that Jones had any undergraduate or graduate degree."

Feed Optimus Maximus gets price and date (

Filed under: Displays, Peripherals

After some OLED display supply issues and a few setbacks, it looks like Lebedev and company have finally settled on a launch date and price for the king of keyboard, the Optimus Maximus. Hold your breath, it'll be due late November (the 30th, to be specific) for $1536 US ("Shakespeare's birthday"). Bad news, we know, but the worst news is still to come: only 200 keyboards per month for November and December, and 400 keyboards are scheduled to be made next January. (On second thought, at over $1500 apiece, maybe that's not so few keyboards.) Ok, exhale, it's going to be alright.

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!


Submission + - U of Kansas recommends against Vista, Office 2007

An anonymous reader writes: In an email to all faculty and staff, the University of Kansas IT recommended against installing either Microsoft Vista or Office 2007. Vista is deemed problematic because of hardware requirements and incompatibility with widely used software such as statistical packages, Blackboard and PeopleSoft; Office is zinged because "The radical redesign has moved and/or renamed virtually every feature." Individuals purchasing machines with Vista are asked to "roll back" to XP. Obligatory evolution and Wizard of Oz jokes aside, KU is probably typical of a large organization that has apparently decided after a few weeks of consideration that Microsoft's latest offerings just aren't worth the trouble. How general is this trend?
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Xbox Live Goes Road Trippin'

Brandon Wirtz writes: "GWN has a feature on Microsoft Employee Brandon Wirtz, who recently spent $4,000 (about 242,000 Microsoft Points, if you're curious) to rig up Xbox Live in his SUV so he could play Uno while cruising around the WiFi enabled city of Mountain View, in California. "

Any gearhead-gamer with enough guile can install an LCD in their interior, but even though racing a few laps of Gran Turismo on the highway can create some satisfying meta-gaming, unless you're willing to run a few miles of Cat 5 cable, you'll still be sans one critical feature: online multiplayer. That is, of course, unless you're fortunate enough call Mountain View, CA, home: where Google was kind enough to provide free WiFi across town. Using the airwaves to his advantage, Brandon Wirtz, a compressionist for the IPTV team at Microsoft, successfully connects to Xbox Live with the use of a laptop, a power inverter, and a sleek 23" Samsung LCD for a hand or two of Uno and some Rainbow Six: Vegas with Major Nelson."

Check out the headshot!"

Submission + - 12 crackpot deas that could transform tech

InfoWorldMike writes: "Technologies that push the envelope of the plausible capture our curiosity almost as quickly as the could-be crackpots who dare to concoct them become targets of our derision. Here are a dozen, from the harebrained to the practical, that have a history of raising eyebrows and just might have a hand in transforming the future of the technology landscape: Superconducting computing, solid-state drives, autonomic computing, DC power, holographic and phase-change storage, artificial intelligence, e-books, desktop web apps, Project Blackbox, quantum computing/cryptography, and the semantic Web. Check out InfoWorld's slideshow of these top crackpot contenders and nominate your favs here."

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