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Comment Re:"Bailout Priorities" has the most votes? (Score 3, Insightful) 1026

for a guy that is so awful (Bush)- the Chosen One seems to agree with a lot of his decisions - decisions that were slammed daily for eons it seems

Gitmo bad - now that i am President, i will close it hopefully in four years. i have to retract the promise to close it fast since there might be a terrorist or two lumped in there.

Iraq War bad - now that i am in charge we will be out by 2011 - oh ya Bush already set that up too. ah well, i will take credit for the victory.

Patriot Act Bad! now i am running the show, wow there are some scary people out there. i will keep it, just in case. some of my own people may want to harm me.

Deficit Spending Bad!!! good thing i showed up so i can show you honkies how it's done. my four years of spending will eclipse W's 8 years easy.

Tax cuts bad!!!! - wait a minute i was elected on that promise. instead i will repeal the tax cuts for the rich and make sure those who are not paying taxes get a refund, err investment plan check, bribe... uh uh. Biden say something about being the poorest Senator in the land.

same shit, different day if you ask me.

Comment Re:Prayer? (Score 1) 201

i would think maybe the kids should be in class learning something vs watching this coronation - not like the media won't be spamming this event for the next four years in some masturbative fashion. heck, why don't we just shut down the whole nation, not like he hasn't taken back all his changes, had his cabinet investigated for some corruption charges, or made the cover of Spiderman /puke

wake me up when it's over - i will be at work

Comment Re:Maybe I am just lucky.... (Score 1) 688

look at the housing bubble - over priced housing. 8 years ago my wife and i looked at buying a house. after 2 years, we built one cheaper than we could buy an existing home and fix it up. something wrong with that picture? i thought so then and still think that homes were overvalued for various reasons (greed, taxes, whatever). my house's value went up 40% in 2 years after building and so did my property taxes. there is no way in hell i can sell my house for what the state claims it is worth - especially since my area is a ghost town since our industry has been moving out of here since the mid to late 1990's due to Ohio's lust for revenues.

now the housing bubble has burst, our schools are clamoring for more money, and they cannot get it since 80% of their funds come from our property taxes. our local citizens in the country, like myself, will not vote to raise our already oppressive property tax another nickel. other areas that have built new schools have them sitting empty after a couple years because the communities are broke and cannot afford to keep the doors open. now my local system thinks they need a new facility that will effectively jack our taxes up another 20-30%. should be a fun circus to watch.

Comment Re:Easy Remedy for Those Looking to Avoid (Score 1) 655

ya they have us over a barrel in Ohio... and they are always broke. my village also has a school tax on top of that. guess what, they got a 4% salary raise this year. now they say they need a new school since the neighboring school system crippled their economy with one (or what is left of their economy). crazy, Taft chased our industry out of here, and yet the schools think we have more money hidden somewhere.

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