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Comment Re:I work for Orange UK (Score 2) 439

Why does everyone care about quad-core phones? I currently have a htc 7 pro windows 7 phone (tbh not sure of the specs) and the interface is as snappy as any android phone I looked at. Its battery life is better and it makes calls. I also love the interface, I don't think I can ever go back to the icon interface of android/iOS. I keep up with facebook/twitter/google+ and watch a few videos on the phone and it does these things very well. Why do I need a quadcore? The screen is to small to "game on" but it runs your normal phone games (i.e. angry birds etc) just fine. I know that over time programs require more power but I have yet to see anything that this HTC pro 7 cant do better then my old android. I bet most people feel the same way. While power is nice what exactly will you do with it? I know when my gaming PC starts getting old because it cant run the newest games at max settings anymore but my phone? I have yet to see anything it does sluggishly and because its a phone (you know, the thing you make calls on) I would prefer that I did not have to charge it every 3 hours because the extra processing power is eating up the battery.

Submission + - Ellison doesn't know if Java is free (

Emacs.Cmode writes: Among the highlights emanating from U.S. District Court in San Francisco courtroom 8 today was Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's response to a question regarding the status of the Java programming language, which his company acquired when it bought Sun Microsystems in 2010.
Asked by Google's lead attorney, Robert Van Nest, if the Java language is free, Ellison was slow to respond. Judge William Alsup pushed Ellison to answer with a yes or no. As ZDNet reporter Rachel King observed in the courtroom, Ellison resisted and huffed, "I don't know."


At Chernobyl they had to dive into the water to release a valve (suicide mission, obviously). As I recall the first team couldn't even find it, because ultra-intense alpha radiation had turned the water into H2O2 and it oxidized their suits, skin, and equipment too quickly.

- where do you get your insane information, do you just come up with it as you go alone?

While it would seem he might be wrong about the H2O2 this news clipping from 1986 mentions some divers

"3 Dove into Pool The three men in wet suits dove into a pool, probing with underwater searchlights for two small valves that would allow the pool to drain, Tass said. It quoted one of the men, Alexei Ananenko, as telling Soviet journalists: "When the searchlight beam fell on a pipe, we were joyous: The pipe led to the valves. We heard the rush of water out of the tank. And in a few more minutes we were being embraced by the guys.""

So the story is not that far fetched. No mention of what happned to the divers after though


Comment Re:I don't really agree with Ben here. (Score 1) 395

If it is the same plant please post links showing this. I have read up on the subject for awhile and every website/reference I read says they are a different plant though from the same species of plants. The industrial strain is sativa L. while the one you smoke is sativa C. The kind grown for smoking has much higher THC levels while the industrial version has as low as .01% and some other stuff that not only kills any high but gives you a headache. The industrial kind also is far far better for producing stuff as it has a better fiber quality. Again if you can find some documentation saying you can get high from the industrial strain of hemp please post it.

Comment Re:I don't really agree with Ben here. (Score 4, Informative) 395

I assume your joking but just in case. Hemp and Marijuana are not the same plant. They come from the same species of plant but you cant smoke hemp to get high. It only contains minute amounts of the psychoactive drug, not enough for any physical or psychological effects. The US was a huge producer of hemp before it was outlawed. It can be used to make clothes/paper/plastic/ and just about anything else you can think of. It is still illegal in the US to grow "industrial" hemp because people and the government are to fucking stupid and scream "think of the children" every time even though it is not a drug.

Comment Re:battery vs cell (Score 1) 362

No, his definition of tow is exactly correct. I am in school in a small town with 0 free parking. They don't use "flat bedding" to tow around here. They use normal tow trucks with dollies they put under the front wheels while the back end is towed off the ground and it works perfectly fine. The author of TFA must mean rope/chain and another car because any normal tow truck company knows how to get around locked wheels by using the dollies that fit under the wheels (basically wheels under the wheels) without bringing a flat bed.

Comment Maybe Not? (My fingers are crossed) (Score 2) 121

One of the original reasons to have a patent system was to help ensure the spread of knowledge and know-how. By providing limited time legal protection to patent holders, they had an incentive to put their ideas out in the public domain. Once the patent expires the entire world is free to copy the design etc. In contrast if someone keeps their product/idea as a trade secret instead ( WD-40 and coke for example) no one gains the ability to make your product unless they can figure out how you did it.

That concept seems to work just fine until we get into software. I have not read the patent but I have a feeling that you could not recreate whatever Google did just from reading it. From the write up it sounds like a common sense concept. Basically they get legal protection but don't really have to show how they do it. My hope is that Google is being defensive with this and ensuring that no one else gets the patent and then licenses the tech for free and the betterment of mankind (which they could do). I'm not a huge Google fanboi and they confuse me some times by doing one thing that seems very progressive and then turning around and taking a hard business view on something else.

In general I like the concept of patents and IP but the implementation is so bad that we might just be better off without it. At the least, if you apply for a patent on a device the patent should be a manual on how to make it from scratch by someone with the required skills. That way once your patent expires the knowledge is truly free for anyone to pickup and expand/make cheaper/whatever the fuck they wanna do with it. I think that would be more in line with the original idea of why we have patents.

Comment Re:Good thing (Score 2) 275

Except that the Wii supports starndard micro SD cards. The N64 not supporting standard memory was kind of a given considering how old it is. On the wii I can pop my SD card out and put in in another wii with no problem. I can put it in my computer and backup my saves if i want. /. does not hate sony because its cool to hate sony, its because we have been fucked over so many times and sony is about to fuck us over again. For a divice that is suppost to function as a phone/media/game system not having standard memory support is just plain fucking retarded.

Comment Re:Digital Product (Score 1) 463

Now we get to you and your 200. Your mistake above was that we start with you at the beginning of your purchase cycle. You know about my game, you have 200 to spend... and you decide that my game is not worth spending it on to you. However, you still want to play it. (Since it's the "zero" that does strange things to lots of equation, let's say it's "worth a penny" that you dig up off the floor of your car.) You're now essentially walking up to me with the following theoretical conversation: "Hi. I want to play your game. How much?" "Hi. My price is $20." "Hmm. Nah, I don't want to pay that." "Okay. Have a nice day." "No, I'm going to play it anyway. I copied my friend's CD." "So when do I get my $20?" "I dunno, I don't care. I'll tell a couple buddies, maybe they will buy a copy. I'm going to go play now, bye."

The problem with that argument is that if I was never going to buy it its still not a lost sale (you were not getting my 20 regardless). The strength if that argument is that maybe if I did not have the option of downloading I would buy it. This is where I think the way digital goods are sold could change to make buying something i wanted more likely. As many people have pointed out (and something I know iv done) they download something to try it first. The problem with that is once you have it downloaded its easy to say "well ill buy the next one because I have something else I can spend that money on right now". I think part of the cause for this is because you cannot return software (games especially). If I buy a board game and it does not live up to my expectations I can return it. If I buy a shitty game (DNF is a prime example) i'm stuck with it. Most games don't release demos anymore and even if they do they only show the parts that are decent.

Gabe Newell pointed out recently that price does not make a huge difference for pirates and its more that its harder to buy stuff then it is to download it. While I don't agree with that completely it does have a lot of truth to it. There is a lot of risk related to buying a game, it might suck and im still going to be stuck with a shitty product that was not what was advertised. If you make a shitty physical product and everyone who buys it returns it your going out of business any make no money. If you make a shitty game and advertise the shit out of it your going to make money (you might not make another game but you will already have the cash you got from that first shitty game), and something is wrong with that system.

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