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Submission + - Rumored Release of the Next Generation iPhone 6 in 2Q of 2014 (

BeckyAEllis writes: There will be a massive production on the new release of iPhone 6 in the Second Quarter of 2014 claims Pegatron. The production of the next iPhone(s) hasn't released more info on specifics availability nor indicated how many devices will be produced of the said release. Check out for updates.

Submission + - Discovering The History of Tutankhamun's and Treasure (

BeckyAEllis writes: THIRTY FEET BENEATH THE DESERT of southern Egypt, Yehia Gad stands in a cramped, stone tomb. On the wall, brightly-colored paintings tell the story of an ancient king’s journey into the afterlife. The precise strokes show a mummy embalmed with great care, a perilous battle for his soul, and an eternity spent riding high with the Sun.

Submission + - Ice Age Fossils Found During Los Angeles Subway Exploration

An anonymous reader writes: During an exploratory dig to extend one of L.A.'s subway lines (yes! Los Angeles actually does have an underground), a host of fossils from the Ice Age were uncovered, including the skull of a sea lion. The dig site is close to the La Brea Tar Pits, where the preserved remains of various plants and animals were discovered in the early 1900s. The La Brea Tar Pit fossils are estimated to be between 11,000-55,000 years old, and the most common animals found were dire wolves.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How can I prepare for the Theft of my Android Phone? 5

Adam Jorgensen writes: Last week my 4-week old Moto G phone was stolen while getting onto the train at Salt River in Cape Town, South Africa. That in itself is no big deal. Cellphone theft is a huge problem here in South Africa and I've had at least two previous cellphones stolen. The big deal this time, for me at least, was that this was the first time I've lost an Android phone to theft.

When I actually sat down and through about it, losing a fully configured Android phone is actually a big deal as it provides ready access to all kinds of accounts, including ones Google account. This could potentially allow the thief to engage in all kinds of malicious behaviour, some of which could have major implications beyond the scope of the theft.

Luckily for me it seems that the thief did the usual thing: Dumped the sim card, wiped the phone and switched it off. It's probably had it's IMEI changed by now and been sold on to some oblivious punter, possibly some oblivious punter in another country.

Still, the potential for serious issue is making me have second thoughts about replacing the phone with anything capable of doing much more than calling.

My question is this: Are there any serious solutions out there for Android that secure against theft?

By serious I mean solutions that go beyond the laughably easy to defeat "Find My Phone" and "Remote Wipe" options provided at present. Presently I'm thinking along the lines of:
  • Full encryption of phone contents
  • Some kind of "Travel Safe" mode that would lock the phone down and trigger a full wipe of not unlocked correctly (Including wiping the phone on next boot if not unlocked before being switched off/running out of battery).

So, any ideas?

Submission + - Feed Your Motivation To Achieve Success (

An anonymous reader writes: Finding, and then using your intrinsic motivation to achieve success, is possible the most powerful, yet understated success skill today.

Your own intrinsic motivation acts like rocket fuel – a silent, but unstoppable force that can drive you forward. Therefore, it is such a waste that the majority of people do not know what motivates them, let alone how to use this invisible force to their benefit every single day of your life.

Submission + - SPAM: Kiunga marine national reserve

JohnSmith321 writes: Kiunga Marine National Reserve is situated along Indian Ocean coast of Lamu District of Kenya ,The marine ecosystem incorporates a chain of about 50 calcareous offshore islands and coral reefs.
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Submission + - First Look at the Animals of the New Hebrides Trench

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists have released pictures of the animals they've found in the New Hebrides Trench, more than 7,000m down. 'The team used an unmanned lander fitted with cameras to film the deep-sea creatures. The scientists said the ecology of this trench differed with other regions of the deep that had been studied. "We're starting to find out that what happens at one trench doesn't necessarily represent what happens in all the trenches," said Dr Alan Jamieson, from Oceanlab at the University of Aberdeen, UK, who carried out the expedition with the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand.'

Submission + - Invention Make a Citibike Electric

An anonymous reader writes: Inventor Jeff Guida has come up with a way to turn any Citibike into an electric scooter. His ShareRoller is about the size of a small briefcase, weighs just seven pounds, and has a 12- to 20-mile range. From the article: '"Years ago, I would've needed a giant engineering company and several million dollars in development research and it still would've taken two years or more," Guida said. But 3D printing has changed all that. In the coming months, Guida hopes to design a universal bracket so that the ShareRoller can be used on any bike. He has some competition there, as there are a few companies that make wheels that convert regular bikes into electric bikes, but he says the ShareRoller is more convenient.'

Submission + - Inventor has waited 43-years for patent approval

An anonymous reader writes: If you think the average wait of 28.3 months for a patent to be approved is ridiculous, don't complain to Gilbert P. Hyatt. The 76-year-old inventor has been waiting over forty years for a ruling on whether his electronic signal to control machinery should be granted a patent. "It's totally unconscionable," said Brad Wright, a patent lawyer with Banner & Witcoff in Washington who specializes in computer-related applications and isn't involved in Hyatt's case. "The patent office doesn't want to be embarrassed that they might issue a broad patent that would have a sweeping impact on the technology sector. Rather than be embarrassed, they're just bottling it up."

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