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Comment Re:Dear AT&T.... (Score 1) 68

I would LOVE uverse... But your refuse to build out the fiber to cover the city. Instead you stopped 5 years ago just outside of town and have done nothing at all since.

If you want more Uverse subscribers, freaking build it out so that people can actually have it as a choice.

U-Verse is not necessarily fiber. I had it a couple of years ago and it was ADSL based. Got rid of it because AT&T thinks that they can do HD with 3.14 Mbps. It was horrible.

They claim to have more HD channels than their competitors. In reality, the didn't have ANY HD channels.

Comment Re:what about git? (Score 1) 87

Instead of panicking, maybe you should actually see if this is really a problem. Here is what Linus says:

- The attacker kind of collision because somebody broke (or brute-forced) SHA1.

This one is clearly a _lot_ more likely than the inadvertent kind, but by definition it's always a "remote" repository. If the attacker had access to the local repository, he'd have much easier ways to screw you up.

So in this case, the collision is entirely a non-issue: you'll get a "bad" repository that is different from what the attacker intended, but since you'll never actually use his colliding object, it's _literally_ no different from the attacker just not having found a collision at all, but just using the object you already had (ie it's 100% equivalent to the "trivial" collision of the identical file generating the same SHA1).

Comment Re:No microSD slot, no replaceable battery? NO SAL (Score 1) 77

I have enjoyed previous Galaxy Notes, but my current will probably be my last. The upgradeable storage and removable battery were (for me and many others) key points of difference over the iPhone, but Samsung have decided that they don't want to be different.

I don't want Cloud storage. Why would I waste my phone plan's data allowance when I should just have expandable local storage? Oh, I should pay for model with the largest capacity? No, not for the price per GB that they're selling.

Sure, I may be able to charge in 90 minutes (with Samsung's charger only, of course), but what happens when my battery gets end of life? Planned obsolescence sucks.

I also liked that the previous flip covers and smart covers, that clipped on instead of the battery cover, more or less became part of the phone. That was much more useful to me than a back plate of glass that will just be a crack magnet.

Yes, this release was the standard fare of a processor/RAM bump and screen resolution bump, but for me this release is far more notable for the features that have been removed....

The screen resolution is identical to the Note 4

Comment Re:Galaxy Alpha - We Hardly Knew Ye (Score 1) 47

The Alpha only recently became available in the US, and it certainly had my eye, being not phablet sized but still a "flagship" class phone and very well built. I'd have been happy to pay the price, but I passed, for one simple reason:


No thanks Samsung. Not having it. Your TouchWiz crapped up A5 can sod off as well.

You don't have to get your undies in a bunch.

There are plenty of launchers that you can use instead of TouchWiz. I Use Nova Launcher Pro on my S4.

Comment Re:device boot up won't stop terrorists (Score 1) 184

i have a postage sized mp3 player from china with a tf/sd card slot it boots up shows a menued screen and plays mp3s. a fake phone that has a plastic explosive bomb could easily use a 'fake' power on screen with menu and the menus would be browsable and possibly functional and also be a bomb.

so no this doesn't make airplanes safer.

It's just a little suspicious that your phone looks like this:

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