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Comment the real story is (Score 1) 47

that publicity and society genericize us online social networking sites magnify this effect, combining the effects of advertising, options, and networking to create a population homogenized to fit the standards of the site

we create ourselves based on relations to others those relations are manifestations of our own perspectives we see ourselves from the outside looking through the other's eyes social networking literally gives us an outsider's perspective of ourselves, but this is only a exaggeration of the process that runs during face-to-face interactions

online, we see the static images and mimic them in a kinetic world we read the gestureless words and put it to tone of our own voices agreeing and disagreeing yeah but those perspectives are created by previous mimicry


the bottom line is the main goal of a social networking site is to make money, so they have to cater to advertisers and marketers the real world is similar but offers much more escape from publicity and less formatted personality

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