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Comment Re: No chance of passing (Score 1) 133

Yep no wars. No one was shot and killed. No one is fighting against the US. We are at peace. No bombs going off inside our borders. No one killing our ambassadors. There aren't newly armed nuclear armed missiles being aimed at Hawaii. We sit around signing together. Happy happy happy.

Comment Re:i prefer (Score 1) 98

Or better yet stop trying to add touch screen to a desktop computer. Even a laptop doesn't need it. There are plenty of places where it makes sense. This is not one of them. Finger prints and interfering with what is on the screen ( transparent arms don't exist yet ) make it seem useless to me. Yes pleas add motion sensor to my keyboard ( where my hands are already ) but don't ask me to keep reaching for a remote screen to do things I can already do easily enough or even easier with existing technology.

Comment Re:No (Score 1, Insightful) 456

It is so interesting to hear others recollection of that time. Between seeing the satellite photos and hearing all the evidence in question I had no reason to think Iraq was complying with UN requirements. Hans Blix didn't want war. Saddam was very clearly interfering with their work. Nothing was going to change Saddam. He was only a murderous tyrant who was oppressing his people. I don't hear about Iraq much anymore. They aren't saber rattling or invading their neighbors. I don't see them running rough shod over UN resolutions. I know there were pockets of resistance and they continued to attack US troops as long as we were there. The good stories out weigh the bad however. I'm sorry France lost its cheap source of illegal oil. I know that must sting. It is too bad that the US had to take action to support a UN resolution. It is a shame we brought stability to a country in turmoil. Saddam is gone. I don't miss him.

Comment Re:Democrat proposes more spending, what a surpriz (Score 1) 583 Even though Reagan himself was shot in an assassination attempt in 1981, he didn’t seek additional gun control then, Michael Reagan said. (Reagan’s press secretary, Jim Brady, for whom the Brady bill was named, was shot in the head and disabled in the same attack.) “If anything had been in place, that tragic thing that happened in Connecticut still would have happened,” Reagan said, referring to the Newtown, Conn., school shootings and to proposed new controls on guns.

Comment Re:Democrat proposes more spending, what a surpriz (Score 1, Insightful) 583 The lone piece of significant legislation related to gun rights during the Reagan administration was the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986. Signed into law by Reagan on May 19, 1986, the legislation amended the Gun Control Act of 1968 by repealing parts of the original act that were deemed by studies to be unconstitutional. The National Rifle Association and other pro gun groups lobbied for passage of the legislation, and it was generally considered favorable for gun owners. Among other things, the act made it easier to transport long rifles across the United States, ended federal records-keeping on ammunition sales and prohibited the prosecution of someone passing through areas with strict gun control with firearms in their vehicle, so long as the gun were properly stored. However, the act also contained a provision banning the ownership of any fully automatic firearms not registered by May 19, 1986. That provision was slipped into the legislation as an 11th hour amendment by Rep. William J. Hughes, a New Jersey Democrat. Reagan has been criticized by some gun owners for signing legislation containing the Hughes amendment.

Comment Re:Too bad. (Score 1) 798

Verizon is not a choice because they are actually worse than AT&T. Verizon is like being in an abusive relationship with someone that is a BDSM freak that does not understand safe words...

I laughed out loud. It really is the best description I've ever read. I do not miss them Sam I am. I do not miss Green Verizon and their plan.

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