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Comment Re: Tipping point (Score 0) 528

Trade deficits are only 'not necessarily a bad thing' for those cases where trade deficits really mean *borrowing to invest*.

USA *borrows to consume*, thus in case of USA trade deficits are deadly, both figuratively *and* literally deadly. Figuratively because an economy dying is not really the same thing as a human dying, it's more like an inanimate process that is stopping. Literally because a dying economy leads to actual human poverty, suffering and death for a large number of reasons.

You are actually half way correct that so far trade deficits worked well for the USA because the foreigners did all that work that subsidised the USA consumer, who did not have to work to pay for all that consumption. This is possible (or was possible) because so far US dollar is still a so called 'reserve currency', though it is not backed by anything other than 'faith' and probably some military presence.

People expect things to continue the same way as what they have been accustomed to and they do not expect any serious changes to their lives over their life spans. However people are very often wrong about that, big changes happen, they happen often, they happen suddenly (especially for the uninitiated into the reality of what is happening around them).

What you call a 'sound economic policy' I call 'suicidal economic policy'. I know from your words here that you actually think that government intervention is 'sound economic policy', however it was government intervention that created the situation that required more government intervention. More government intervention further leads to a situation that requires even more government intervention.

If you paid attention to what history shows you would know that government intervention has an accumulative effect and it is self destructing. Pumping fake liquidity into an economy that needs to restructure the debts is the wrong thing, not the right thing. What happened 8 years ago did not prevent a depression, it assured it. 1929 recession was created by government policy, specifically by money printing by the Fed and by buying bad UK debt from France. It was a gigantic bailout that inflated the stock market bubble that eventually burst. Hoover and FDR turned a normal process of deleveraging and debt restructuring into a depression by pumping more liquidity into the system.

They even bought good farming products and ploughed the products into the ground to avoid prices from falling, that's government in action: the market restructures bad ideas and debts but also brings prices down, making it easier to survive the restructuring by the most vulnerable in the system. Government steps in and says: you cannot have that benefit, the prices will stay up and the bad decisions will not be allowed to clear, instead they will be kept around and made bigger by more inflation (money printing) and actual welfare redistribution to those business that failed.

This does not guarantee good outcomes, this ensures accumulating and multiplying of bad outcomes. This is the same thing that happened a number of times in the last (and this) century and it is coming to the point where the impact of the next crisis will no longer be manageable by these usual tools that the government has (and it's always just one tool, often disguised under different names), it is theft, it is money printing and theft of existing purchasing and saving power of those, who have savings.

If you understood any of this, you wouldn't have written the statements that you did. Not understanding all of this so far very likely means further misunderstanding on your part and this also may mean that the coming crisis will hit you in a way that you cannot comprehend.

Comment Re:A slap in the wrist (Score 0) 159

Not because of the amount, no, but as a general principle of the matter I think Bezos will pay attention and do something useful with that money. I know I would not hesitate to spend a few billion bucks in his place to destroy the current Canadian government and would ensure that my selection of people get elected. The problem with the governments is that they exist but since they do they need to be used for good, not for evil. Companies need to ensure that individual freedoms are upheld by the governments and this to me means that the governments (the collective) must not be able with the private property rights and this 1000000 dollar theft is just that.

Comment Re:Congratulations,your PC is now a governance dev (Score 0) 172

There was a story on /. not too far back about Linux on desktop and before that there was this story - an MS exec urging developers who use Linux to switch to Windows 10 and the idea was that supposedly Windows 10 provides a shell now that is as good as bash (supposedly).

I said it then and will say it again: bash is not the only thing that Linux provides me with. I've been exclusively on Linux for about 15 years now and bash is only a small part of it, and part of it is that the OS is not trying to spy on me like this.

Comment Re:Money (Score -1) 297

Oh, somebody who doesn't hate America, you are a true Patriot, a true America Lover. You know what is good for America, you know that inflation is good for America, because you are a true believer in the American dream of providing a social security net for everybody, and the evil 1% and the evil people with savings are the ones standing in between the paradise of 2% inflation and total chaos.

Now, that I am done with toxic sarcasm... People like me I don't know, I know myself. I know very well how money is created in this system. If you bothered to actually read my past comments or my journal you wouldn't be embarrassing yourself by saying things like that. I am too painfully aware how the money is created and how it *should* be created instead of how it is created.

You, on the other hand are a perfect example of somebody buying the propaganda hook, line and sinker. Including the complete and utter 'inflation is good' nonsense, the complete and utter nonsense on the 2% inflation is good. You are 100% oblivious on the history of the 2% number. Do you *KNOW* where that number originally came from? Do you *KNOW*? No you do not know. You do not know that the 2% number was named as a specific inflation ceiling in Australia many decades ago, so that that when inflation hit that number, the government would stop increasing the money supply and would promote deflationary policies. *YOU* do not know, you want to tell me what I understand or don't understand?

Did *YOU* know that inflation was measured completely differently when Nixon was in charge and that over the last 50 years the measurement system was adjusted to under-report the actual inflation by manufacturing a way to measure it that would show provide a much lower number, by removing items from inflation calculations that were used when Nixon introduced the wage and price controls, when inflation (as counted then) hit the 4% ceiling?

I don't believe you, or most anybody understands anything on this topic at all, not even close, not even the definition of the word, not in any meaningful way that puts us even on the same level, the same plane of understanding to intersect and to talk about it in a meaningful manner.

Great Depression was created by inflation, you don't understand that one bit. The late 30s recession was started by inflation, the Fed buying bad UK debt from France. The recession was the bursting of the stock market bubble created by the Fed and the Depression was *CREATED* by Hoover and FDR. They created it, they deepened and worsened it, and it didn't end up until the end of war allowed restructuring of the debts and massive cuts to taxes and to government spending.

Basically you and I cannot talk about this subject, because you are stuck deep in a swamp of complete and utter nonsense, propaganda and misinformation.

As to the government 'always' controlling the money supply, no it did not. The government did not control the supply of gold and silver. Mint is not control of supply of money, it was only in control of supply of minted coins. Coins are only a shape of money, not the money itself.

Quite frankly (to borrow your turn of phrase), there is nothing that you can bring to this discussion.

Comment Re:Money (Score -1) 297

but didn't you hear everybody say that the inflation is too low, it's under 2%, if you go by the official numbers and 'inflation is good for the economy, because it makes you go out and buy stuff' and 'deflation is bad for the economy, it makes you save money'.

Didn't you hear all this stuff? Why do you hate America, why do you not simply believe all that stuff and be happy that you live in a wonderful world of nonsensical government controlling money supply, nonsensical government manipulated interest rates, government regulating businesses and making sure that everybody pays and gets their 'fair share'?

Why do you hate America by saying things that do not support the official government propa... information provided to you by your friendly local or not so local 'news' source?

Don't you know that if you 'hate America' you will be downmoded, we don't need your gloom here. Things are good, they are great, couldn't be better. The beatings will continue until moral improves.

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. Borg.

Comment Re:Direct from the Luddite in Chief (Score -1) 635

mindful that each flush & brush costs him about 43 cents to his privatized water provider.

- as opposed to the collectivists, who actually believe that water and purification is free and will go on forever driven by decree as opposed to by competition to provide the water.

Just to be safe, Joe Conservative boils his drinking water.

- actually has the latest greatest water purification system that takes care of purifying/cleaning the water before it is served.

Joe steps outside and coughsâ"the pollution is especially bad today, but the smokiest cars are the cheapest ones, so everyone buys âem

- that one is fairly simple, developing countries have the most pollution, since everything is created from scratch. It takes wealthy economies to start worrying about the purity of the environment. So you are describing a very poor economy, I guess you cannot imagine that a free economy can be wealthy (though the wealthiest economy in the world were built on freedom, be it USA in 19th century or the economy that is becoming uber wealthy today - Chinese).

enough toll money for the 3 different private roads he must drive to work.

- except in the free market everybody tries to make money by supplying the best next thing, so instead of having to carry around the cash for 3 different private roads, the driver simply has a transponder that works everywhere and automatically takes the payment while ensuring that the customer only pays for what he uses.

There is no public transportation, so traffic is backed up and his 10 mile commute takes an hour.

- what an ignoramus. Prior to government takeover the best MASS transportation was provided completely privately.

On the way, he drops his 12 year old daughter off at the clothing factory she works at.

- again, assuming a poor economy, so this is not an economy that is developed yet you are describing I take it? As to working at a factory, I imagine the robots will do better than 12 year olds in most cases.

Paying for kids to go to private school until theyâ(TM)re 18 is a luxury

- and it's stupid. Why should everybody be going to school 'until they are 18'? There is no value in everybody wasting their formative years at school, some people belong at school and some people do not. Some people may belong in trade schools, it should be a completely private and personal choice. Free market discovers the price points that work for different population segments.

You don't make most money by serving the rich, you make most money by serving the vast majority of people out there, schools will be cheaper and better if done without government involvement and without any government money, without government created inflation, without government insurance for loans, etc.

Times are hard and thereâ(TM)re no social safety nets.

- in the West times are hard *because* the entire system was a so called 'safety net' pyramid scam. China is the fastest developing society, there are no safety nets, everybody is getting cheap products and services, education and health care while saving up to 50% of their earnings, and that 50% *is the safety net* and it's an actual safety net, with an actual capital behind it as opposed to the pyramid scams that the West is running.

He gets to work 5 minutes late and misses the call for Christian prayer, and is immediately docked by his employer.

- ha! nonsense. I am an employer, I could not care less about anybody's religion unless it interferes with work (and it never did so far).

He is not feeling well today, but has no health insurance

- maybe he does, maybe he doesn't, but it wouldn't be attached to his employer, it would be his own, thus so called 'prior conditions' wouldn't matter. Beyond that the health care would be as cheap as it used to be in the USA before government intervention, so anybody paid out of pocket and health insurance was cheap, because it was only used to cover the most rare and expensive cases, like cancers or disability.

Joeâ(TM)s workday is 12 hours long, because there is no regulation over working hours

- I work more than that as an employer, none of my employees work more than 9 hours and they are not unionised but I do hire most of my people in the Ukraine. .... etc.etc., all that nonsense..

this one though:

Joe turns on the radio and the top story is a proposal in Congress to raise the voting age to 25

- most people shouldn't be voting. Only people who have some understanding of the economics and politics and only if they own property should be voting. A person without any stake in the system beyond desire to profit from some wealth redistribution shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a voting booth and the Founders knew it.

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