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Submission + - Google tracks you on torrent and porn sites 7

An anonymous reader writes: Think Google can only track you search habits? Think again. This site survey found that 40 of the top100 websites use Google-analytics as their web analysis software. Sites like mininova and youporn included. Google dominates the search engine world and now as a centralized service dominate the none-search website metrics. I am glad they do. I will be immortalized in Google databases as Google scientists of the future analyze my search habits, movies I like to see and types of girls I would like to meet.

Submission + - What happened to OpenMoko?

overshoot writes: Does anyone know what happened to OpenMoko? First they were going to have development hardware last December, then it slipped to February, with commercial availability in June, then the development units showed up in the summer but the consumer devices were going to be available in October. Well, my calendar says October was two months ago, the website hasn't been updated since July, and I'm still lusting after that phool fone.
Christmas Cheer

Submission + - Christmas card delivered after 93 years ( 2

calebt3 writes: The Article:
A postcard featuring a color drawing of Santa Claus and a young girl was mailed in 1914, but its journey was slower than Christmas. It just arrived in northwest Kansas.

The Christmas card was dated Dec. 23, 1914, and mailed to Ethel Martin of Oberlin, apparently from her cousins in Alma, Neb.

It's a mystery where it spent most of the last century, Oberlin Postmaster Steve Schultz said. "It's surprising that it never got thrown away," he said. "How someone found it, I don't know."

Ethel Martin is deceased, but Schultz said the post office wanted to get the card to a relative.

That's how the 93-year-old relic ended up with Bernice Martin, Ethel's sister-in-law. She said she believed the card had been found somewhere in Illinois.

"That's all we know," she said. "But it is kind of curious. We'd like to know how it got down there."

The card was placed inside another envelope with modern postage for the trip to Oberlin — the one-cent postage of the early 20th century wouldn't have covered it, Martin said.

"We don't know much about it," she said. "But wherever they kept it, it was in perfect shape."


Submission + - Turn in a software pirate, collect $500 1

Stony Stevenson writes: The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) is offering consumers up to $500 for reporting software counterfeiters who sell their goods on online auction sites like eBay. Under the plan, anyone who unwittingly buys fake software from an online fraudster can receive up to $500 if they report the scam. SIIA said the program is a "don't get mad, get even" approach to stopping software piracy. It's "a way for unsuspecting buyers to get even with auction sellers who rip them off," said SIIA VP Keith Kupferschmid. The campaign, launched December 13, is slated to run through January 30, 2008.

Submission + - SquirrelMail Repository Poisoned (

SkiifGeek writes: "Late last week the SquirrelMail team posted information on their site about a compromise to the main download repository for SquirrelMail that resulted in a critical flaw being introduced into two versions of the webmail application (1.4.11 and 1.4.12).

After gaining access to the repository through a release maintainer's compromised account (it is believed), the attackers made a slight modification to the release packages, modifying how a PHP global variable was handled. As a result, it introduced a remote file inclusion bug — leading to an arbitrary code execution risk on systems running the vulnerable versions of SquirrelMail.

The poisoning was identified after it was reported to the SquirrelMail team that there was a difference in MD5 signatures for version 1.4.12.

Version 1.4.13 is now available."


Submission + - Capcom Online Store - Customer Service is Inept

webrunner writes: "At Capcom's Online Store ( they had a deal — pre-order the new Phoenix Wright game and get a free plush Phoenix. I ordered two, one for me and one for my friend. The game's release date came and went, nothing. Unable to find a phone number for support, I contacted their support page.

After sending a couple of emails without a response, I received a message (sent to everyone who had pre-ordered I assume) saying they were sorry, and here was some compensation. Unfortunately the compensation was useless — it was a 5% coupon code, only usable in November. Why would I order something from them when I still had no way of knowing I would receive the first thing? Anyway, they promised it would ship "early november". Mid november hit, and I sent another email, with no response. I sent another one, and they just told me, sorry it's backordered. I sent another email asking if there was a reason it was backordered and when I could expect it. Then, insultingly, I received THE SAME form letter telling me it was backordered. The original email they sent was still visible in the reply quote text, but they sent it to me again. I then sent another email complaining about my email not being read. And got no response. I sent another, and four days later received an email saying that the game shipped. I received it last week, but there were no plush toys. Furious, I sent another email outlining how I've been wronged every step in the process and I demand compensation. I sent another, and another. I finally got a response- and it just said, be patient, the game shipped. WELL YES. It shipped. I have it, but the order was NOT COMPLETE. I caution everyone never to shop at the Capcom Online Store, or any Digital River run store again — and I caution Capcom to find a provider that can actually provide the service they promise."

Submission + - Gates foundation deathly side-effects ( 3

HuguesT writes: An long and detailed article from the L.A. Times points out severe, unintended side effects of the health policies of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. This foundation has given away almost 2 billions US$ to the fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria worldwide. Thanks in no small measure to this effort, the death toll from AIDS in most of Africa are finally levelling off. However, the money from the foundation is earmarked to the fight against these three diseases, to the detriment of global health. Sick people can also be hungry and not able to ingest healing drugs. Doctors in these countries prefer to be well paid working against AIDS than poorly working against all the other health problems, which creates a brain drain. Numerous children also suffer from diarrhea or asphyxia due to lack of basic care. The paradox is that countries where the foundation has invested most have seen their mortality rate increase, whereas it has improved in countries where the foundation was least involved.

Submission + - Leading climatologist accused of fraud 2

An anonymous reader writes: A climatologist at the State University of New York, Dr.Wei-Chyung Wang, has been accused of fabricating data in his research on global warming. The full story [1MB pdf] has been published, by a Canadian mathematician. There is also an article in Neue Zurcher Zeitung (more here). Wang has published over 100 research papers and he was the chief scientist of the Chinese–American Carbon Dioxide Research Program.

Submission + - Google Earth Tracking Van Might Have Seen Murder

circletimessquare writes: "Normally, the sad story of the murder of a woman in Australia is not a subject matter for Slashdot. Except for the fact that the Google Earth van was driving around the area where and when her body was being dumped. The police are interested in reviewing the data. Not mentioned in the story is the deeper implication, touched on by Slashdot before, about the general public finding interesting things on Google Street View/ Microsoft Virtual Earth. But seeing details of a murder on one of these apps would definitely take the cake."

Submission + - Google inaccessable from CO campuses 1

An anonymous reader writes: I don't have the ability to search for a formal writeup of this story, for google is inaccessable. I am a student at Colorado State University, but this problem is also effecting my brother at the Colorado School of Mines (many counties away). Google seems to be inaccessable from college campuses here in Colorado. SSHing into my home box (that has cable internet service) allows me to get in, as does remote desktop to my off campus office. If there's one thing I know about google it's that this kind of thing doesn't just happen with their service (and it's not just one school). Something is causing this, does anyone have a link?

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