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Comment Re:So true (Score 1) 800

I got my iPhone4 earlier this year when it came out on Verizon. I was living in Milwaukee and I was suprised by the call quality. (the lack of it) In July I moved to Albuquerque, NM. My call quality improved big time! No more dropped calls, no more issues with people breaking up. My conclusion was it isn't just the phone that matters.

That said, there is definitely an issue. My wife's dumbphone worked completely fine in Milwaukee and so was my previous phone. What about the iPhone is giving people these issues? Obviously we can point at the antenna. But why would it work completely fine in some areas and not others? Milwaukee is MUCH larger than Albuquerque. Am I to believe that Verizon's network is actually better in a smaller metropolis? Or is there some other combination of things that is going on here. A quick search of android call quality shows that there are plenty of folks out there with issues on those phones too. So what gives?

Comment Re:One-trick pony (Score 2) 283

I think you have a short term memory.

Every google search algorithm change has come with criticism by those who are negatively effected by it. I can't recall a change that didn't. In fact, as a web developer (but not an SEO person) I often find out there was a change from bad press.

The thing is, bad press doesn't matter. Outside the technical community, no one notices these things. And as long as Google has great revenues, wall street won't give a rats ass either.

Comment Re:Corporate sales? (Score 1) 494

I'm gonna go out on a limb here. The average person simply has no need to upgrade the hard drive. I'm a professional and I haven't replaced a hard drive in a decade. When drives hit the 120gb range, I had a very hard time filling it up. My current iMac is 3 years old and still has 99gb free. Granted I'm a web developer so its not like my dev files take a lot of space and I really don't install much on it. Unless you are a hard core gamer, a major video producer or a heavy media consumer, you simply don't need to touch the thing.

Comment you do not have the right to break the law (Score 2, Insightful) 244

All these comments about privacy. My understanding of our basic rights is that we have them as long as they don't infringe upon the rights of others. All of you are blindly trying to say we all have the right to P2P. While true, we do not have the right to hand out our music or games to others for free. It is one thing to burn a friend a cd of some songs, its entirely different to burn 1000 discs and hand them out blindly. You would be infringing upon someone's right to make a living. (yes even the evil RIAA) I hate them as much as the next person, but most P2P that I see is illegal sharing of (mostly porn) stuff people have no rights to give away en mass. Those of you that participate in this practice, sorry, but law enforcement should have the power to throw your ass in jail. It is thieving plain and simple.

Comment Re:Firefox lite. (Score 1) 464

I think this makes for an interesting discussion. Here is what top reports on my iMac. I can't remember when I last restarted Firefox. Had to of been a couple of days ago.

439- firefox-bin 4.6 09:24:11 339M 52M 523M 477M 1920M 209400752+

I run firebug, web dev, yslow, colorzilla, and adblock plus

I've seen Firefox climb to the 1gb mark. That is normally when I notice and restart it.

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 183

But Apple has made no secret of this concept AT ALL. If you go out and do your proper research, you KNOW you can only buy an Apple OS (easily) via Apple themselves. You KNOW you will have to get Mac hardware. That is Apple's concept. They want to control these things. There is choice in this market. You can go buy whatever hardware you want and put Linux/Windows on it. There is no one holding a gun to anyone's head. Apple becoming more successful is only a good thing. Microsoft isn't going to just disappear, and Linux will fill its niche for years to come. (maybe even someday convincing big companies to release software for it)

and ya, I write this from my iMac which I freaking love. I'm not anti-MS anymore and I don't hate linux. this computer and this os are simply what I have learned to really love because I get real work done on it faster than any other computer I have ever had. It suits me. Some may hate my choice, and even call me fanboi? Fine by me. I will continue to love what I do everyday on a computer that is great for me, and I will continue to roll my eyes at every Apple article on Slashdot.

Comment Re:First Post (Score 1) 664

Those degrees are not completely worthless. However, I do believe there should be some heavier guidance in getting those degrees. No one should be allowed a Psychology degree unless they have very specific plans to at least get their Masters. (and even that isn't near as good as going for the PHD) My wife is just about to finish getting her PHD and our checkbook strongly disagrees that the underlying Psychology degree was worthless. That said, I know another person who got the degree and that was all he did for college. He hasn't worked a truly professional job since. So for him, you are right. It was worthless to get the degree and not continue in some form of advanced degrees. It just depends on what you are getting the degree for and what you plan on doing with it.

Comment Re:So he was the CEO of a huge multinational compa (Score 2, Interesting) 241

Did he buy it from Lucasfilms? From what I remember from The Pixar Story (2007) (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1059955/). Lucasfilms employed Ed Catmull who created the Pixar technology. Lucas got what he needed from it and told him that he couldn't invest any more into the technology and that he was free to take it and continue his work. (really amazing he did that). Ed then had the fortune of meeting John Lasseter and they in turn had the fortune of proposing the technology and their ideas to Steve Jobs. Jobs loved the concept and started writing checks. I really recommend that documentary to anyone who likes Pixar or 3D movie technology. It really is a fascinating story with a lot of happy endings for all involved.

Comment Re:The magic of a black box (Score 3, Interesting) 1010

this type of comment comes up every single article on slashdot. Enough already.

I just read 2 books recently on my ipod touch. Its an experience I will repeat. I have absolutely no problems with lcd screens. I read them all damn day as I code. I get absolutely no eye strain whatsoever. I can lie in bed comfortably with the lights off and have a nicely lit book that isn't too bright to read from.

This comes down to vision I think. Some people will get eye strain from LCD, others will be fine. Just because you can't tolerate looking at an LCD for too long, doesn't mean its a bad device.

So it IS an eReader and a damn fine one. For some people. You go buy your kindle, I'll go buy my iPad. To each his own.

Comment Re:Good decision. (Score 1) 440

uhm.. I bought a mac 3 years ago and it runs snow leopard just fine. Why not just upgrade the OS? (snow leopard was what 30 bucks?) I would also like to ask, why not just fork the code to a Tiger Version. Firefox is pretty damn stable so only security updates would need to be applied to that version. Otherwise it could just sit in an archive for folks still running Tiger.

Another question. Would removing that old bit of code make my Firefox any faster or smaller? If so then I vote yes.

Comment Re:Abuse of dominant marketshare... (Score 1) 297

sorry but the book I just recently bought thru the kindle store on my ipod was $16. So Amazon apparently has no problem selling expensive books. I really don't understand what Amazon is trying to do here. I admire their effort to try and get publishers to realize that the distribution model should warrant discounts, but they are likely to fail. Supply and demand of a book is going to lead to a natural price point regardless of what Amazon or the rest of us would like to see the books priced at.

Comment Re:I Just Did... (Score 1) 185

t-mobile pissed me off by having shitty service at my home in Dallas of all places. Customer service was flat out stupid about it too. Telling me to "go outside". (that didn't even help). So I finally said well you give me no choice but to switch to a new carrier and they said that will be a $200 termination fee please. Greedy assholes have you by the balls. Sure its great when you never have service issues.

Verizon has been the only one where I have literally never had bad service.

We all have our nightmare stories about each carrier. Its a fact of business when you get into the millions of customers.

Comment this article is nothing but hot air (Score 1) 446

I'm sorry. I just went to my facebook account and got the popup for the new settings. There were what, 10 settings to choose? Sure the defaults were as open as possible, but is it so f'ing difficult to click 10 times and hit save? And I don't see what they are talking about either. I can still set all my settings to friends only or friends of friends, or everyone. It took me all of 1 minute to answer the pop up questions. Another minute digging into the privacy screens show nothing out of the ordinary.

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