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Comment Re:Panels and batteries still pricey and crappy (Score 2) 172

These are smaller panels, intended for basic needs--i.e. lights after dark. 4 Watts for several hours lighting a room, or even a small portion of a farm plot for plants or livestock... Now productivity doesn't stop at dusk. 18 hours days become possible... For cooking: the shi-t-reactors. Ever burn a buffalo turd? It burns. : )

Comment Global Paradigm Shift (Score 1) 172

One possible change that could result from this is a global paradigm shift about energy use. Poor countries that have been ignored (and largely overpopulated) or abused by larger, richer countries, can now change their literacy rates, enabling them to join the global markets--and conversations. The use of energy in first world countries is to a great extent exorbitant and capricious. Having a poor neighbor with equivalent education (India?) may have a dramatic effect on global policies--i.e. the changes of having India and China in the G20+ Summits. Bigger changes: solar power (not Fusion-on-Earth!) may become the (only practical) savior of climate change... It's fusion at a safe distance (93 million miles away) and yields more energy than the next 10 generations will ever need.

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