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Comment Re:Yes, it (Score 1) 82

Well. One thing for sure - subscription model won't work. It works only for AAA titles, others are gradually shifting to micropayments / microtransactions. (Yes, talk about buying an exp points and "money rules". It works, however, for both parties involved - players and devs/prods/publishmen).

As for sunk costs - terms can be discussed , venture capital can be found, even now, if they're having idea and half-assed implementation - they'll get funding to replace facebook ties (what are they, anyway ? authorization ? storage ? publishing ? ) with solutions of their own, then - marketing campaign and true profit in a year or two. They'll lose independence in the process, but that's the price.

Comment Yes, it (Score 5, Insightful) 82

Totally worth is. But forget Facebook and other closed platforms - go for your own infrastructure. Basically, what facebook gives developers is audience, an ability to quickly announce your project and make it known among huge auditory. This is a plus on early stages, but it becomes not so significant later, when you'll afford to advertise independantly and effectively, but Facebook-as-an-app-platform limitations will remain.
And one more thing - never, ever expect users to be grateful or pleased. I work for company developing and producing Web-based MMOs, and one thing I've learnt over years is - even if you'll hire hookers to give every male player in your project one head job - the only thing you'll listen from them is "why only once ?" - they are lazy, stupid and greedy.

Submission + - E17 -- Desktop Enlightenment

michuk writes: "The performance of desktop computers increases year by year. This gives the programmers great opportunities to further improve the desktop experience of the users. However, what should you do when you have an old computer that is not capable of running the latest and hottest software? How can you benefit from the great software that is X.org when you can't run a desktop that takes advantage of its best features? No need for upgrading your PC, when you can have a usable alternative with the current one. Let me introduce you Enlightenment E17 — the window manager with minimal hardware requirements that may amaze you."
The Internet

Submission + - Internet and India - The Synergy

gigatech2006 writes: "Though the future of Internet in India has been debated earlier by many others, an article on e-TechHerald-Wireless further discusses about the potential of Internet and Internet-enabled services in India. For many industrialists, India is a massive market, be it cellular phones and consumer electronics or cosmetics and fashion clothing. Many people and politicians talk about the emergence of India as a global super power, and its status as a developed country by the year 2020. Well, is there a way to accelerate India's growth? This article highlights certain factors and figures, and ponders over how 'Internet Penetration' would act as a catalyst in making India a developed country. The complete article is found here!"

Submission + - Google Loves Microsoft's money

secureslash writes: "I went to Youtube after a long time. I am crazy about doing some stuff on the address bar. GET ['s'] is having some list of options in youtube.com

"tr" for top rated videos
"mr" most recent videos

http://youtube.com/browse?s=you_can_type_anything_ here
returned a most recent clips list. The right side adsense block showed only one ad. It was Microsoft.com's advertisement.

My next try was. Putting some html codes in search query...
<a href="#">some</a> was the value for search_query It returned as below http://youtube.com/results?search_query=%3Ca%20
Ok they know URL encoding...

Output was:
Video results for ''
No Videos found for ''
I know it should not have any results. LOL Google showed me two adsense blocks for "No Videos found" page. First advertisement from Microsoft.com. And IBM, citifinancial & naukri.com are the rest. That page had the two adsense blocks. Each of them had Microsoft.com's ad at least once.

Google keeps showing advertisements in YouTube for nothing. Content relativity of Adsense is 0% in YouTube. For example
1. Embedded system developer (Microsoft.com)
2. IBM Business innovation (ibm.com)
3. Share outlook with a team (publicshareware.com)
4. Easy loans in India (citifinancial.com)
5. Top companies hiring now (naukri.com)
6. Great offer on Windows Xp (Microsoft.com)

See the relativity of ads and page content ("No Videos found") LOL

What I realized from YouTube is,

1. They never care about GET method values
2. They show adsense everywhere.
3. They Love Microsoft.com's ads overmuch.
4. Some important pages like "Most recent videos" and "Top rated videos" will not have
5. The ad blocks without Microsoft.com's ads. LOL Google loves Microsoft's money.
6. Google likes Microsoft's money through Youtube
7 .They removed ads from 404 page at least (http://youtube.com/itightbe404)

(See the Attached Images )"

Submission + - Running Late and Wasting Billions; Punctuality...

Ant writes: "ABC News reports a recent survey found 15 to 20 percent of the United States/U.S. population is "consistently late," especially when it comes to work. Chronic lateness isn't just annoying — it's expensive. American Chief Executive Officers/CEOs are late to eight out of every 10 meetings, according to a 2006 survey by Proudfoot Consulting. And when CEOs are late by 10 minutes every day, it costs the U.S. economy $90 billion in lost productivity. This Reuters article say Peruvians are mostly late that made punctuality program organizers to make campaigns to resolve this issue. Seen on Digg and in one of its Digg comment."
The Internet

Submission + - View all 57 HTTP Status Codes & ErrorDocuments

produke writes: "http://www.askapache.com/2007/htaccess/apache-stat us-code-headers-errordocument.html

This article shows an easy way to view the output of all 57 HTTP Response Codes and ErrorDocuments on Apache!

For instance, if you request a file that doesn't exist, a 404 Not Found is issued and the corresponding ErrorDocument is served with the 404 Not Found Header.

Has the first list of all 57 HTTP Status Codes recognized by Apache. Also has the first list of the source-code and headers sent by Apache for all 57 ErrorDocuments

This is one of, if not the absolute coolest Apache tricks I've ever seen!"

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