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Comment Re:Recruiter Commision (Score 1) 189

And every job I've had beyond the first out of college has been through a recruiter (and they've all been excellent jobs, on both sides of the pond).

I had a recruiter help me get into a previous job. They were very persistent in contacting the employer to make sure that they were moving forward, and they were a huge help in getting me the job. That being said, that same recruiter was contacting me a year later asking if I was interested in another job at a different company...

Comment Re:facebook is an american company (Score 1) 559

thank you for making my point. YOU the parent are in charge. if YOU the parent let your child on facebook, or anywhere else, thats on you. no one else.

If the girl's parents had not allowed her to create a Facebook account, would this not have happened? No, it would still have happened because the video was posted by someone else, not the girl.

Comment Re:Safety? (Score 1) 212

Unless they take down the network, e.g. running a rogue DHCP server.

Put the lab in a separate network, where this would not be an issue.

Or they use it to hack other systems on the network

Block access from the lab to the rest of the network, and/or get a separate DSL/cable internet for just the lab.

password-sniffing the other student's credentials when they log in from their VMs.

Use SSH for remote logins, and this will not be an issue. Even if a student does guess another student's VM account password, all they can do is screw up (or copy) someone else's work

Comment Re:Black mail (Score 1) 258

So, it's not blackmail if I say "give me $5000, or I'll ask your wife to help my investigation into who the person (who looks like you) with the hooker is in these photos."?

"I'm investigating on behalf of my client for the non-payment for the consulting services rendered by one of his employees. That employee is pictured here, wearing the miniskirt and fishnet stockings. The payment owed to my client was $5000. If you make this payment to my client, then I will drop this investigation."

Comment Re:More != more (Score 3, Informative) 403

Car analogy - what solution is preferable for someone to learn driving: use a second-hand car or rent a car by the day?

The better car analogy is the guy who likes to lease a new car every 3 years instead of buying one. You always get to have a new car, and there are rarely ever maintenance costs. The same would probably be true for the software subscription where you will automatically get the newest upgrades for free as part of the subscription.

Comment Re:I don't want (Score 5, Insightful) 403

20GB is about 20 minutes of HD footage. Even for stills that's only a few hundred images if you are working in RAW. Can't imagine Adobe exects anyone to use it other than as a demo.

Not to mention the time it would take to upload/download 20GB of data to the cloud. This will also wreak havoc on people with ISPs that have monthly bandwidth caps.

Comment Re:Push vs. Pull (Score 1) 363

Yes if only there were some sort of Rich Site Summary that could be published by websites

I have many times subscribed to website newsletters and RSS feeds, but as the parent stated, I usually say "eh, I'll read that later" and often times never get around to it. Since it is digital, and takes up an insignificant space on my computer or gmail account, I don't care if it goes unread. With printed magazines, I see it sitting on the table every time I walk by, and am constantly asked by my wife to read the magazine so she can throw it out, so I tend to read them sooner. I also like to read them while taking my daily #2, and to me, reading a tablet while on the john just seems wrong.

Comment Re:After the first $million ... (Score 1) 268

What I would like to know, is are they going to provide their users with 10 Gigabit hardware (and limit to 2 Gbps), or are they going to run two 1 Gbps fibers and do load sharing, or are they going to give them an OC-48 (2.48 Gbps), because there is no current technology that can do just 2Gbps.

Comment Re:Moves and countermoves. (Score 2, Interesting) 198

The majority of all spam comes from home computers infected with a worm that makes it part of a botnet. The fact that some mail servers can slow down the sending of mail is not the solution. If ISPs were to block all SMTP connections from their DSL/cable customers, that would put a huge dent in the amount of spam. Most people get their email through some sort of webmail based system so there is really no need for people to be sending legitimate emails via SMTP. And for the ones that like to have their Thunderbird or Outlook express send their email, there is probably a way that you can make the client get the email through the web system the same as the way Outlook can be retrieved over SSL. Block users from sending SMTP and you block most of the spam on the Internet.

Comment Re:Agree about GMail... (Score 5, Insightful) 198

If you read Bill Gates' original prediction, he said that spam would be killed through the electronic equivalent of a stamp, also known as "payment at risk". This means that if an email gets marked as spam, then the sender will be billed for a cost whenever they send a spam email. He didn't say that users would not have to deal with spam, he said that spam would simply not exist altogether. This most certainly did not happen, so he was completely wrong in his prediction.

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