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Comment Re:That's not how averages work... (Score 1) 140

Quoting TFA,

Here we provide probabilistic sea level rise projections for the global coastline with warming above the 2 C goal. By 2040, with a 2 C warming under the RCP8.5 scenario, more than 90% of coastal areas will experience sea level rise exceeding the global estimate of 0.2 m, with up to 0.4 m expected along the Atlantic coast of North America and Norway.

Comment Re:Meat is the cause (Score 1) 202

Is there any amount of scientific evidence that could persuade you to change your opinion?

Did you know that animal agriculture is also a large contributor to the greenhouse gas problem? Not only because of the animals' direct effects, but also the tremendous amounts of food they consume, rain forests cleared to grow feed crops, etc. Additionally, it uses significant amounts of fresh water.

Comment agnotology in action; The China Study (Score 1) 416

In The China Study, the authors discuss ways in which nutrition science is riddled with conflict of interest. They say the food industry treats nutrition science as a marketing channel, and is largely able to neutralize negative messages about its products by controlling the direction of research and/or generating conflicting and confusing messages. Meanwhile, for example, some physicians personally seek dietary treatment for cardiovascular disease but still support a medical institution that prefers to recommend surgical intervention.

The term agnotology is an interesting one. Could be a real thing.

Comment crowdfunding and publicity campaign (Score 5, Informative) 72

The LightSail kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is still active. Moneys donated at this point will help fund a publicity campaign.

Jason Davis' blog has mission updates:

This is a test mission. Still a historic achievement for solar sailing, though. The real LightSail mission will launch in 2016.

Comment Cannabis Hemp (Score 1) 365

The same substance that did it all before. Low carbon footprint too.

Ships & Sailors, Textiles & Fabrics, Fiber & Pulp Paper, Rope, Twine & Cordage, Art Canvas, Paints & Varnishes, Lighting Oil, Biomass Energy, Medicine, Food Oils & Protein, Building Materials & Housing, Smoking, Leisure & Creativity.

Comment Corellation and Causation (Score 1) 291

The Guardian article doesn't link to the study it describes. I'd be interested to know how the study attempts to correct for factors such as differences in socioeconomic status between the locals and the nationals from other countries. Apparently, the cited study results have not yet been published, only presented at a conference. In other news, higher crime rates are corellated with a higher number of churches per square mile.

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