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Journal Journal: trolling

I've always been particularily ticked off by people who use the internet primarily to troll. Its always seemed to be a waste of something more wonderful than the mind, something which hurts and frustrates other people.

That is, until I started doing it myself.

For the last few weeks the only comments I've been doing on /. and the other discussion forums I visit have been trolling, insulting, vulgar, abusive, etc. I guess I have tons of frustration to vent out, and I guess it works fine.

Other ways to vent frustration just don't quite do it. I prefer not to bitch at people I know in real life as I take very little bitching myself and like to keep it that way (as well as keep the contacts, of course). Sport .. well.. you know ;) I don't play games anymore as they take too much time to properly cool me off and often generate more frustration themselves. Drinking and drugs are out of the question due to the ongoing job hunt.

Trolling does work for me, and I usually do it against things that I actually like, since that makes a more informed troll. God Bless Anonymous Posting!!!

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Journal Journal: fans?

Hmm, for some reason I seem to have gotten some fans.. this is utterly surprising since I've posted total of 4 stories over the 5 years I have been reading /. and I have aboslutely no clue who those people are.

Well, today I was looking around to find somewhere to host a blog, and since freenet is fuxxored and other sites way too commercial I decided to start it here. It kind of sucks cause its not anonymous so I can't go in great detail about all those little kids in the basement, but at least its a lot more representative: in freenet everybody reads everybody else's flog, while I here I severely doubt anyone will care enough to read this one, esp. since I've no intention to start posting anytime soon.

I do feel like saying some things out loud related to OS development, management and the world in general... um no, not about the world in general but about the other topics yes. Maybe some other time though, right now I should really be going back to study for the SCWCD and hunt for a job. Yeah. hmm.

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