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Comment Re:Oooo ya (Score 1) 269

Nobody is talking about constructive criticism.

I am. Why did you assume otherwise?

So far I haven't seen any cases of criticism with a valid argument attached.

Then you can hardly have read the other comments to the article.

The only one who included you among that group is yourself.

No, you did:

If you really must hate read the chapter and then hate on the content.

You know, I'm beginning to feel sorry for you. I'd heard of people like you, but I think it's my first time communicating with a live specimen. The kind of nerd with a little job and a little life who comes online to jump into a thread where other people were debating and bicker endlessly about details so he can feel good and superior at something.

And you know what? I have better things to do with my life. So I concede. Congratulations. You win this internet argument. Whatever you're writing is right and true. Feel free to reply to this post any amount of times with more contradictory arguments, or to twist my words even more, or to insult me. I promise I won't steal your thunder by replying anymore. Have a good evening.

Comment Re:Oooo ya (Score 1) 269

"I am discussing this matter in a perfectly civil and neutral manner, while you fanboys"

A bit of a contradiction in terms don't you think?

That is not some random insult. Nobody is calling you a jerk or a fuckwad or other meaningless slam. It is a very specific factual observation of your remark. ...I wonder where I read this before.

No but they are restricted to certain topics which is why moderators such as myself have an offtopic moderation. This story is about a chapter being released in a new book. If you really must hate read the chapter and then hate on the content.

Who ever said I hate Wheel of Time? Besides, people are criticizing aspects of the series that they've read and expressing disappointment which may influence whether they are willing to read or not read the new chapter. Obviously they can't comment the story within the new installment, since it hasn't been released yet.

Comments about Wheel of Time are definitely not off-topic in a Wheel of Time related article. And you aren't any more of a moderator than I am, since you have chosen (as I did) to post in this article rather than modding it.

If my ideas about what constitutes off-topic are wrong, someone should tell that to everyone who meta-moderates my moderations. I receive a constant stream of mod points.

Comment Re:Oooo ya (Score 2, Informative) 269

While the OP's post may admittedly be flamebait and inappropriate, that is no reason to dismiss the opinions of the many OTHER people who are disappointed with the series and who chose to express that throughout this article's comments. The story is of interest to a lot of people; I don't remember slashdot stories being restricted to certain interest groups, and even if they were, it wouldn't be for you to decide who gets or doesn't get to post.

And an added comment about flamebaits:

fuck you for trolling.

Your mom

anal smartasses like yourself.

It's a very relative concept. I am discussing this matter in a perfectly civil and neutral manner, while you fanboys are being aggressive and insulting people just for disagreeing with you. I wonder why I can't take you seriously.

Comment Re:Oooo ya (Score 1) 269

Excuse me?? The parent wrote, and I quote,

you don't like his stuff don't read it.

I replied that if they don't read it, they can't know whether they like it or not.

In other words, you are agreeing with me, but implying that both I and the parent wrote the opposite of what we did, and that therefore you are agreeing with the parent.

don't start slamming anyone who calls out people who are basically talking shit about someone's books without actually having read them.

That's not what the parent did, what the parent did was try to dismiss the opinion of those who disliked the book after having read it. Otherwise he wouldn't have asked them not to read it.

When you are replying to something, please read carefully before posting.

Comment Re:There isn't enough bandwidth in the world (Score 1) 269

Some of the middle-later books were awful.

Of course, if Jordan hadn't had his good prose, we would never have read the damn series in first place. The people making jokes are those who read the first books, loved them, and then went all the way to book 11 (12 if you include New Spring) and felt betrayed. Some of those descriptive moments were really too much, and you shouldn't need hundreds of pages to narrate a single (and often unimportant!) event. Besides, it was supposed to be a 7 or 9 book series originally?

Comment Re:Oooo ya (Score 1) 269

How can people who never read it know that they don't like it?

It distresses me that fanboys like you are probably here on slashdot waving the flag of freedom of speech in almost every one of the several articles we get every week that deal with censorship, but whenever the subject of your fanboyism comes up you suddenly want to shut up everyone who disagrees with you ;)

Comment Re:Oooo ya (Score 1) 269

I also loved The Dark Tower, and coincidentally I'm currently re-reading it after several years (still at The Gunslinger). I don't like large cities either, and have never lived in one, but I think King's portrayal of New York from the eyes of someone completely foreign and removed from (almost everything in) our world and everything we think of as "normal" is interesting and engaging, if not as cool as the Wastelands and the tale of Roland's past :)

As for Wheel of Time, I can understand where the parent is coming from. I have read the first 11 books and they're generally too long and boring and full of highly repetitive and unimaginative plot devices. I'll also add that nearly all of the gigantic cast of characters are extremely annoying and shallow and I have difficulty identifying with them, which doesn't exactly make a re-read *these* books appealing. I don't think I'll buy the new books now that Jordan passed away. I'm tired of seing this saga extended over and over while he was alive, and I definitely don't need to fall back into the same trap now that we don't even have the original author with us.

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