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Comment Re:I dunno, man. Snow is heavy (Score 1) 456

It is not just the weight of the snow I would worry about. Most northern blizzards average around 20 - 30 inches of snow. Combine that with the high winds and barometric pressure drops. Now you are looking at the possibility of the snow fall coming to rest on 1 large part of the dome with a smaller part (possibly half? ) being left relatively clear. What are the chances that the internal pressure increase causes the dome to be "off balance" of sorts. Could you get a blow out on the side opposite the snow? Could the higher wind and weight combination cause a deformation of the dome?

Personally, I have seen snowfall over 50 inches in a single night. I would much prefer mother nature handle it then rely on some man made, air filled bubble over my head. Give it some sturdy supports and I might consider it.

Comment Re:Inverted traffic light - actually Syracuse, NY (Score 1) 483

I am originally from Syracuse but living in the State of the Retired. The last time I went back north and drove through that area, I was just about to run the light when I realized it was inverted. The end result could have had a bad outcome due to me not paying full attention.

If you do drive through that area, keep it in the back of your mind. You may find yourself in my position thinks the bottom light is lit, I can continue moving forward. The look of shock on that lady's face was priceless. Not because I almost ran the light, but because I was from Florida and under the age of 80.

Comment Re:Are you sure? (Score 1) 576

When I moved into my new home a few years back I had to build a shelving system in my office to hold all of the books I have accumulated over the years. The shelves run wall to wall, floor to 12 inches from ceiling with the top shelf leveling out at 8 feet. This totals 8 shelves at 11 feet 2 inches in length, not including very bottom shelf just above floor level, all set approximately 11 - 12 inches apart.

At the current time, I have 6 shelves full and working on the 7th. It is safe to say that I have, at minimum, 70 feet of books. Sadly, I have only read about 25 - 30 feet of that. One day I will stop collecting and start reading the rest.

Comment Re:Not just graphics. . . (Score 1) 142

A game such as Road Rash in an updated format may not be such a bad idea. Update it to the a style of world similar to GTA. You walk around and interact with other players to set up races. You can shop for gear, bikes, clothing and what not at various stores through out the city. And to add more enjoyment, you have the ability to mug NPCs or just throw a beat down on the cry baby who can not handle losing the race. I can see a fair amount of playability in that. Mainly the last part of throwing a beat on the cry baby.

Comment Obli Anti-MS (Score 1) 251

...but whatever you do, please DON'T DOWNLOAD THEM! Unless of course you are a developer or take great pleasure in incomplete, unpredictable, and potentially crashing software.

Nothing new here. I get the same thing on Windows. Browser of choice does not matter.

By no means nothing against Windows. But it was the absolute first thing that came to mind when I read it.

Comment Re:That will never be as aggravating as memory vs. (Score 1) 876

I always went with a Library when describing the components.

Tower = Building, it all goes inside
CPU = Your Brain, the faster it works, the faster you read a book
Hard Drive = Book shelves, more shelf space holds more books
Programs/File = Books
Memory = The table where you open the books, more table the more room you have to work and open what you need
Vid Card = Your eyes, won't see with out it
Sound Card = Your ears

This has worked for the past 12 years. Even on my 79 year old mother in law.

Comment Oblig IT Crowd (Score 1) 596

Moss' side of a phone conversation seems rather appropriate here.

-Hello IT.

-Yuhuh. Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot?

-You see the drive hooks a function by patching the system core table so it's not safe to unload it unless another thread is about to jump in there and do its stuff. And you don't want to end up in the middle of invalid memory. (laughs) Hello?

As for the topic... I don't ever reboot. Windows will do that all by itself. Many times for seemingly no reason at all.

Comment The press wants bad things (Score 1) 557

I was watching the morning news while drinking some hot coffee and almost had to sue myself. A "Doctor", qualified to discuss topics in and of the medical field, gave the following reason as to why this "Swine Flu" is so bad....

"We know this flu to be different because the common flu typically ends in March and this one is just arriving."

That was all the news crew decided to broadcast. Nothing about the variants of H1N1, H2N1 or even NBE1. Why not at least give an honest attempt at news instead of garbage. And people ask me why I hate watching the news and reading the paper.

Comment Re:Blood testing (Score 1) 520

For that to work properly, you would also have to know how many drinks one consumed over what period of time. That is one of the reasonings behind the LD50 rule. If the test subject blows a set number or above, they take a ride to the hospital due to not knowing if the number is still going up or if it is on the way down.

Comment Re:Hahahaha. (Score 1) 520

I think that what it actually means is that a bunch of people who supposedly violated some arbitrary limit on the limit of a specific substance in their bloodstream might have their lives un-ruined.

Well, I for one would prefer that somebody go through the system over what is about to happen. This sets a foundation for all other cases. This will be the new out for anyone who gets arrested for DUI. You get arrested and blow a .550 (should be dead but let's overlook that)and you attorney says "I want source code". It is now either give it up or go free. Coming from a state where the defense will try any and every trick, any normal the more obsurd the better it works, to get a client off the hook, I am not looking forward to giving them an easy out. Our system may not be perfect but hey, it is a far cry better then no system.

Is this going to matter for the people who were obviously intoxicated? No. This is going to matter for the people who passed a field sobriety test, didn't appear to be intoxicated, but admitted to having a beer that night and were required to take a breathalyser.

Wrong. This will matter for ALL cases. By getting the Breath Test results tossed, you now lose the proof of Alcoholic Beverages being involved. Basically, no breath test = no proof of intoxication unless a blood or urine sample was taken. No blood or urine sample = no proof of drug related issues. Case dismissed unless somebody is rather lucky.

...did you use mouthwash before heading out tonight?

They had better have been stopped withing 90 seconds of that usage. The residual ethanol in the mouth would have evaporated. Just like if you burp up something while taking the breath test, the instrument will detect the spike in Ethanol and let you know it was an invalid sample.

As for how to prevent DUIs in the first place, you have some valid suggestions but a lot would change if more responsibility was placed on the establishments who serve the drinks. They have a moral obligation to cut you off after your 15th beer. But screw morals, 1 more $5 beer won't hurt anyone.

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