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Comment Re:Nice, but maybe irrelevant. (Score 1) 398

But is there support for anything higher-level than locks and atomic variables? (I'm asking -- I don't really know, my latest attempts didn't show anything better than that -- and that was in boost).

If not, adding multi-threading without proper data protection is just opening a whole new can of bugs. Java has synchronized and Ada tasks and protected objects. IMHO not having the monitor concept built-in into the language is just asking for trouble big time.

And being a user of boost myself I truly am thankful for its existence and it being half of the new standard, so to speak. It eases the pain of low level programming a lot, but a library can only do that much against bad/lazy practices not discouraged by the language.

Comment Re:The fact that you were younger and less jaded t (Score 1) 249

I want to add that another factor is that the information displayed is to the point. The same happened with 2D point-and-click: what you got visually was there to inform. No 3D crap with camera angles that get in the way and that are totally unnecesary.

Platformers were like that: you needed to know the dynamics of the sprite and that was all; no second guessing were the terrain ended or started; what was traversable or not, etc.

Some titles manage to go 3D losing minimally from their 2D masters, but usually you end with some unplayable mess were movements are slow, go behind control, you don't know where your feet are and so on...

Comment Re:entry level? (Score 1) 435

Do you think it is heavier? I tried ubuntu (8.10) and xubuntu in a similar computer (512MB, Atom) and it was a dog, it swapped so much once you opened firefox as to be unbearable.

Indeed, I was surprised at 9.04 working almost well in the aspire one out of the box. Maybe the whole distro has been streamlined?

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