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Comment Re:education is only useful for jobs (Score 2) 314

Networking? You network with your teachers who know plenty of people in industry. My physics professor said his friend was looking for a summer intern in geoengineering and it would pay really good money since it required you to travel the entire summer. Sadly, I had to turn it down because I need an actual REU over the summer.

Comment Re:Only in America (Score 2, Insightful) 932

Yeah, because there is never momentum in an economy. It couldn't possibly be that the 2.5% increase in unemployment is from the momentum of the recession that occurred on Bush's watch when Republicans let two major bubbles form in the housing and financial markets. At least under Obama, the hemorrhaging of jobs stopped.

Comment Re:And most western politicians (Score 1) 403

To stop the subprime mortgage crisis would have just took the federal government saying, no, you can't do that. You can't give out mortgages to people who have little hope of making payments beyond 2 years. In this instance, the government regulating the market just a little bit would have prevented a lot of damage.

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