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Comment Re:Well, no shit Sherlock. (Score 2) 87

Yeah, except that my MacBook Pro more or less hits specs, also. I say more or less, but it's a 2012, so the battery isn't new. During a typical day for me (Outlook, Word, Excel, Safari), it still lasts a full workday. No compiling, VM usage, or other intense usage, so not everyone's use case, but not absurd, either. Apple estimates are not promises, but seem to me more accurate than others.

Comment Re:The magic is dead. (Score 2) 156

I can sort-of agree with this, but I'd like to add something more specific: since the Internet has become ubiquitous, it seems like we spend almost as much time and effort patching and securing our computers as we do using them. When a personal computer was an island unto itself, and a LAN was truly local, security was mostly a matter of basic policies, procedures, and permissions applying to a known and reachable population.

Now, companies and even individuals are subjected to an asymmetrical threat environment were they need to be prepared to secure their systems from a never-ending stream of phishing attempts, drive-by malware, and possibly even targeted attacks. Playing defense is hard, since a defender has to be strong everywhere at all times. An attacker only has to find one weak point, one time to establish a penetration.

It's exhausting, and not even remotely fun unless you are in the infosec field, and can afford to treat it as a competition and source of business rather than a bottomless pit of time and effort with no return in productivity, fun, or profit.

Comment Is it a supported platform for OSX? (Score 0) 535

If not, then it's not an MBP competitor.

It may be a cheaper, have better specs, be better designed, be better built, have a longer warranty, or even all of the above, but if it doesn't run OSX, it's not a replacement for an MBP.

Of course, if OSX isn't important to you for whatever reason, why would you buy a Mac? That is their only real differentiator, and has been since high DPI ultrabooks began shipping from quality manufacturers. I do include 'need OSX-only applications', 'don't like Windows high DPI handling', and 'need proper color calibration across HW and SW' as 'OSX is important to you'.

Basically, a System76 running Linux is only competitor for an MBP for the very small segment of the market that want's a nice UNIX-like preinstalled on laptop hardware designed to support it and doesn't want a Dell developer edition.

Submission + - New meaning for 'pigweed'?

BaronM writes: Random thought: if THC accumulates in fat, how much marijuana would you need to feed a pig before the bacon became a controlled substance? Any biochem majors here?

Comment Re:This is risky (Score 1) 57

The 'rightsholder' question is what puzzles me, also.

I'm surprised that Google (and Apple) can do this. Are they paying out to the rightsholders for the additional copies? If not, I can see this making word-of-mouth a bad thing for artists and developers. I know that a lot of the apps and music that I've bought have come from recommendations from family, but if we can all just share one purchase, that really does cost the rightsholder money.

I'm sure this must be covered in the appropriate license agreements between Google/Apple and the rightsholders, but I suspect it's a case of 'let us do this or be excluded from our platform'.

Comment Re:So completely ass backwards (Score 5, Informative) 78

Well, the computer at least needs to have a good idea of the printer capabilities. I suppose we could put that in a plain-text file, and call it 'printcap' or something. Of course, we'll also need to know how to trigger those capabilities. Maybe some sort of in-band signaling with special characters, like escape codes.

That's all good, but what if we want more advanced features like graphics. We could generate bitmaps, but that would be terribly device-specific and bandwidth-hungry. How about we use an encoding that can encapsulate the way we intend the page to look? We could call it a 'page description language'. Yeah, that'd be cool.

Well, now that we've got that, we do need some software to take the output from a program and encode it in out page description language. Otherwise, each and every program would need to know each and every common PDL. That's dumb -- we should use a standard intermediate representation that each program can speak to the OS, and let the OS transform that into the PDL of the printer it's talking to!

OK, now we've got it: a common, logical way for programs to describe their output to the OS, the OS providing a translation service to send that representation to the printer, and page description languages that let us produce sophisticated output without having to generate and transmit bitmaps and escape codes for every little thing.

That would be much better that this 'printer driver' crap, right ;)

Comment Good experience with Sony Z3C (Score 1) 85

I've had a Sony Z3C for just over a year now, and in that time they have released upgrades from 4.4 all the way to 6.01, and I just received another security update two days ago. I've only had one 'bad' update in that time -- the original 5.0 release cut the battery life way down, and they fixed that reasonable quickly.

They don't get anywhere near the press of Samsung/HTC/LG, but I'd buy another one and have recommended them to others.

My phone is direct from B&H, not from a carrier, which certainly helps, but Sony has done the work to make the updates avaialble.

Comment Manufacturable? (Score 3, Insightful) 159

Yet another battery breakthrough article for what is essentially a lab demo. While I have not particular knowledge of whether or not this technology is manufacturable, it seems like an awful lot of battery breakthroughs don't really pan out once it comes to building them in to actual products.

Comment Zayo and L3 are also ISPs (Score 1) 124

Zayo and Level 3 don't just lay fiber and hope someone else will use it, they also provide ISP service to businesses. I've worked with both companies to light up buildings for either multi- or single-tenant use. Single tenant may require a multi-year commitment to make it worthwhile, but they can and will provide complete service from physical layer on up.

Comment Re:Like a train wreck in reverse (Score 1) 191

I don't see why it couldn't be used for /, as long as the appropriate module is present in initrd (or initramfs, etc.) As for unattended/scripted, the options you put in the script are still choices. As I understand it, the one thing you can't do is compile ZFS directly in to the kernel to avoid the GPL/CDDL incompatibility.

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