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Submission + - Tesla Settles Lemon Lawsuit With Wisconsin Physician for $127.000 (

BarneyRabble writes: According to an article in today's Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal, Tesla Motors settled with the owner of a 2013 Model S which he paid $94,770 for. The car, spent most of the time in the shop for a total of sixty-eight times with issues with the batteries not charging, to the electric door locks not responding to touch. The owner sued Tesla under Wisconsin's "Lemon Law" in April of this year. It was the first case of its kind against the electric car manufacturer.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Diablo III Open Beta This Weekend ( 1

BarneyRabble writes: "If you have been feeling frustrated about NOT getting a beta key for Diablo III, that ends this weekend! Blizzard is opening the floodgates and allowing registered Battle.Net users (and if you don't have an account by now, create one!) the joy of playing the game. Patience is needed, the client is a little over 3gb to download. The sad part, you can only go to Level 13...and when Monday comes..the beta ends. Enjoy it while you can. The game is regionlized for only English, German and French for this weekend...sorry to the Korean players who want to play badly!"

Submission + - Xmarks To Shut Down in January 2011 1

BarneyRabble writes: "The cross browser bookmark sync application Xmarks, is shutting down as of January 2011. The site is stating that even through advertising, they could no longer support their business model. Further information can be found here.( All data from sync, including bookmarks, passwords, etcetera, will be wiped from their servers, and they ask that you start now to use other applications."

Submission + - Debtors Sue Medical System over Privacy Breach ( 1

BarneyRabble writes: "If you go bankrupt in the State of Wisconsin--make sure your ass is covered, literally! Patients who are in
bankruptcy court are finding out their personal medical information is being placed in a public record database
thanks to Aurora Health Care, one of the state's largest health systems. Their electronic medical records not only
disclosed the amount the debtor owed, but what kind of care they recieved, in direct violation of pattent privacy laws.

In a class action lawsuit, the state is suing Aurora for $25,000 per violation."


Submission + - IE 8 Has A Broken Installer`

BarneyRabble writes: "Apparently in the rush to get it out the door, Microsoft has not given users a great experience when it comes to installing IE8, according to this TechRepublic article The installer, when completed and the browser is launched, traps the user in a continuous connection mode when loading a web page, and does not respond to commands. Uninstalling was a problem also, since the author had to go back to Windows Update and reinstall it to get it to show in the Add/Remove programs area of Control Panel in Windows XP. The article offers two obvious solutions, Firefox 3 or IE7....i'll stick with FF3, thanks."
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Submission + - Gary Gygax is dead at age 69

BarneyRabble writes: "According to this Yahoo news story (link the creator of the legendary game Dungeons and Dragons died at his home in Lake Geneva, WI. Gygax has been in ill health for the last several years but according to the article, still hosted a Wednesday night game with his his friends. RIP E. Gary Gygax, we had our cleric try a resurrection spell on you but the percentile roll was no good. Your spirit will live on."

Submission + - CompUSA to Close Reamaing Stores

BarneyRabble writes: "According to an article on CNN Money, CompUSA is closing the remainder of its stores after the holidays.

"Privately held CompUSA, controlled by Mexican financier Carlos Slim Helu's Grupo Carso SA, said discussions were under way to sell certain stores in key markets. Stores that can't be sold will be closed.

Gordon Brothers will also try to sell the company's technical services business, CompUSA TechPro, and online business,

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed."

Farewell, CompUSA..."

Submission + - AT&T Union Workers Slamming Time Warner

BarneyRabble writes: "According to this article from this morning's Broadband Reports, erse-86413 the CWA workers of AT&T here in Milwaukee are slamming Time Warner Cable for their anti-union practices and are asking customers to jump ship and move from cable to AT&T's U-Verse, stating that their service is far superior than Time Warner. They have gone as far to create their own website, defending their position."

Submission + - Warner Music Group releasing DVD Albun format

BarneyRabble writes: "About a week or so ago, Warner Music announced the release of Rush's new CD "Snakes and Arrows" in the new DVD Album format, slated for release on May 15, 2007, two weeks after the album has been released on CD on May 1st. Limited to only 25,000 copies, the DVD Album boasts a 5.1 audio mix of the album, "pre-ripped" audio tracks to download to your favorite audio device (hopefully, no DRM...) and a documentary of the making of the album at Allaire Studios in upstate New York, plus other "exclusive" content. The question I am asking is for the price of $24 (which would probably get discounted anyway), would you actually drop the cash for this? (And for most Rush fans, they would...but this is a general question since the format is new, and Warner is actually releasing a DVD that is actually worth the aluminum its authored on...)"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - State Trooper fights for his Source Code

BarneyRabble writes: "An article in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal tells the story of a Wisconsin State Trooper from Oconto Falls who is being forced to give up the source code to a program that he wrote that assists in the distribution of traffic tickets by also adding any other criminal information.

"Eighteen months ago, the State Patrol praised trooper David Meredith for going beyond the call of duty by developing time-saving software that helps officers write traffic tickets electronically."

"Meredith is credited for accomplishing more in one year than software companies have in five years," the State Patrol said in a press release in May 2005, when Meredith received a special honor for his work on the software.

Now, he is suing the head of the patrol, saying the state is trying to illegally seize the source code to software he developed on his own time and had hoped to market.

But the State Patrol argues that Meredith never owned the program because his bosses directed him to write it while he was on the clock. Plus, the state says it is barred by contract from developing it commercially" "

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