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Comment Re:Entropia, how I long to play the.. (Score 2, Insightful) 65

You're not missing much. While I haven't tried it in a while when I did the game was basically one big slot machine.
You buy ammo at a cost of about 1 cent a shot, you then shoot animals and hope that whatever they drop is worth more than the ammo you use - it almost always won't be, once in a blue moon you hit the jackpot and make a profit.
You buy mining equipment and survey charges at 10 cents a go, you let off the charges to locate minerals and hope the minerals are worth more than the charges you use - it almost always won't be, once in a blue moon you hit the jackpot and make a profit.

I'm sure you've spotted the pattern by now so I won't waste my time how any of the other "gameplay options" such as crafting work. I'm suprised no one has tried to apply gambling laws to the thing yet because that's all the game is with an admittedly pretty front end dropped over it.

Comment Re:Unfortunately that does not mean quality (Score 3, Interesting) 29

To be fair Ubisoft are one of the few 3rd party publishers who seem to "get" the Wii. Games like No More Heroes and the Raving Rabbids games (one of the few mini games collections where creative use of waggle adds rather than detracts from the quality of the game) suggest TMNT is in with a chance of being pretty good. From what I read they are not simply taking from the children's cartoons but using comic books and the films as a resource as well which is a positive sign in itself.
I still have hope it will turn out to be Brawl 1.2 - largely the same with a few balance tweaks and a decent online system.

Comment Re:How to loose friends and alienate people (Score 1) 171

Take a look at the glasses in the article.
They're just a pair of polarised lenses like you'd get for an IMAX film(no shutter job or anything). Unless your present TV can display pictures at double a comfortable refresh rate alternating between two different light polarisations you are going to need a new one.
It may well work in non 3D mode on an normal TV but then what's the point? Nintendo got the Wii where it was today in part by ignoring HD and passing the cost saving on to the customer, do you really think Sony are going to do any better by taking their mistake this generation even further. To drive a decent image this hypothetical PS4 is going to have to effectively run at twice the frame rate of a 2D console. That means either a massively higher cost or lower image quality and probably both.

Comment Re:Regulate the damned wall warts instead! (Score 1) 609

The estimate you read was wrong.
I have a power monitor linked up to my electricity meter which feeds the power usage back to a monitor in the flat. We have a base use (fridges, lights, a laptop or two) of about 200-300 watts most of the time. Here are some numbers measured for "wll warts":
Ammount of power a mobile phone charger adds to this (tested Nokia and Motorola chargers) - less than 1 watt (reads as zero on my plug in watt meter)

Ammount a laptop uses in standby mode (the 150 watt power supply the biggest item of this type we have) - 1 watt

I'm all for cutting money off my electricity bill but the reality is that these much deamonised wall warts have very little effect.
The reall offenders are stuff like leaving the tv on, overfilling the kettle and worst of all the electric hob which has to run at 2kW for ten minutes before you start cooking.

Comment Advert Warning (Score 2, Interesting) 53

The advert at the top of the page right now may well be telling you that you can save a fortune buy paying someone to learn how to run wii games for free (it is for me).
I'd hope that none of you would fall for this but be aware that all these sites provide is a bundle of freely available software including the twilight hack and homebrew channel. The makers of this software are not at all pleased about this sort of thing.
Is there any way to mod an advert down?

Comment Lack of choice = Greater sales (Score 1) 283

If you take a look at the web page for the game it's pretty clear why it isn't selling so well on Windows.
The game looks awful for a start, perhaps this is a good choice given the available games on Mac/Linux it's more appealing but for Windows it looks like the kind of Half-life (one not two) mod you'd expect to get for free and play for few hours at most.
Not only that but it sells for $19.99 I have no idea if this is a good deal for a Mac/Linux game but running through what I can get for the same price or less on Steam it's pretty clear why it isn't selling on Windows.

Submission + - 'No Sun link' to climate change (

BarneyL writes: The next stop in the great climate change debate has just arrived with a new scientific study published in the Royal Society's journal Proceedings A which concludes that changes in the Sun's output cannot be causing modern-day climate change.
Quoted from the BBC

The scientists' main approach on this new analysis was simple; to look at solar output and cosmic ray intensity over the last 30-40 years, and compare those trends with the graph for global average surface temperature, which has risen by about 0.4C over the period.

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