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Comment As a non-native, it's typically a mistake I'd make (Score 1) 163 proposes "make up" (vtr) => "assemble, put together"

I wouldn't have seen any problem in saying "please, put an elemental analysis together", thinking: the article lacks an analysis for completeness, a simple one should be included.

Makes me remember of red side notes from my teachers in my homework, long ago: "Results are ok, but where's the analysis?!"...

I only see conscienciousness by a (non-english) reviewer, in this instruction.

Comment useless (Score 2) 259

"This project will not fully solve the problems we are facing now", they say. I'd say it barely solve some.
It could even mislead people into thinking that writing emails with this font will make their messages safer. My father for sure would, as he doesn't know what UTF-8 nor what "charset" do mean.

Comment Re:Le effect Streissand. (Score 5, Insightful) 179

That said - This article has pretty much nothing of interest...

In this case you're probably right, however one shouldn't forget that intelligence job is to gather tiny bits of information that might look of no interest to average people to reconstruct schemes in contexts that are of interest to them (and other intelligence services). It's a profession.

It is the same problematic as with Facebook lambda users for example who say "Due, I don't publish very private information about myself there, so what, and who cares...", when you warn them about their privacy. They simply ignore there are specialists out there, how powerful data mining systems are and how they are capable of spotting, linking and gathering tiny elements of information where themselves just see nothing.

I just want to say that intelligence agencies know what is sensible or of interest to them and what is not. We, outsiders, don't.

But sure they got a Streisand effect here...

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 749

ha ha h, what an ethernet cable!

Yes, it's the same kind of "audiophiles" who are chasing that perfect amp with 0.000000000001% of distortion ratio, which would require ultrasophisticated and expensive lab equipment to be measured, while a much higher ratio would be inaudible to them. And anyway, they'd shell out several grands for that.

These guys who are more interested in the specs of their audio system than in truely listening to the performance and musical intentions of the musicians. (I'm a musician and I don't mind if sometimes there is a slight difference. Sometimes it sounds even better!)

Comment Re:What? (Score 3, Interesting) 267

The airframe is very similar to O. Lilienthal gliders, which actually flew.

This story is acknowledged by Jane's All the World's Aircraft which I think is a reliable authority, including the stinky deal "the Smithsonian shall [not state] any aircraft...earlier than the Wright aeroplane of 1903...was capable of carrying a man under its own power in controlled flight"

Comment Re:Top500 doesn't work that way (Score 1) 96

I agree. That's what makes all the difference between such distributed systems or simple clusters, and real massively parallel supercomputers, with a single kernel instance running on thousands of CPU cores accessing the same distributed shared memory. Nothing to do with opportunistic distributed batch jobs, both don't compare.

Comment Cultural problems,... (Score 1) 403

lack of communication
no feedback
no involvement
no ideas
minimal work
bad code
inflated costs

All the money that your company will spare, you'll spend it in testing, analyzing, debugging, guessing, hair pulling, rewriting specs, re-asking, reworking, correcting, etc, etc, etc... And indeed, all this takes a lot of time...

You end up with something over which you have no control, that's not "yours" and that's not really what you asked for.

If you company strategy is all based on an offshore software product, then it is at risk.
The day it realizes that and decides to step back, then it wil be a pain in the ass to get source code that compiles and that you understand. It'll be better off rewriting clean code from scratch by your standards...

I'm talking about outsourcing to foreign countries such as China, India or Eastern countries, with which cultural issues are far from being a detail. Don't do that!

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