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Comment Re:What is UNUSUAL (Score 4, Informative) 275

.. and have said they didn't want Julian charged with anything. .. and the prosecutor said the accusations brought forward by police were bogus and ended the investigation. .. and a crooked prosecutor with ties to US funded media in Sweden going for re-election in another part of Sweden reopened the case .. and Julian was interviewed and hung around, then asked if he was free to leave to attend another engagement and was told he could leave Sweden .. upon which an illegally issued European Arrest Warrant was placed on him .. which the U.K. courts have now said they will not in future accept because they are illegal, but won't apply it to Assange the government employed disinfo shills (how do you clowns sleep at night) will come and try and spin it - and will believe that the delusions they are suffering from are what the public believes...

Comment Re:What did he expect? (Score 1) 275

Incorrect. He was told he was free to leave Sweden after being interviewed by Swedish investigators. As soon as he left they put out a warrant illegally. The U.K. has ruled they will not honor future illegally issued warrants, but won't apply it to Assange. I swear, it must be difficult to remain this ignorant of facts - but then again, with multiple governments paying shills to come to places like slashdot to attempt to subvert information they deem against their interests (ie, those of the power elite, wrapped in a shroud of patriotism) we can't be surprised that the lies are repeated over and over.

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