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Journal Journal: How many sock puppets are on Slashdot? 3

Apparently A LOT. I've noticed since the explosion in user accounts that there are a lot of bogus accounts posting. And Sockpuppeting is a preferred left wing tactic (after all, they did perfect it!) and they discuss it constantly.

So I have to wonder, just how many puppets are here? Would be interesting to find out.

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Journal Journal: So what happened to meta-moderation?

What happened to Meta-moderation? Seems to have disappeared lately. Is it broken? Or have they decided to try some other way to cut down on mod abuse?

It's funny that one of my last articles got modded up to 5, then down to 0 then back up to one and then down to zero again. Guess one SHOULD NOT criticize the Chinese, huh?

Too bad the 'mod summary' isn't acurate, and doesn't show just how many points you got modded plus and minus, instead showing a percentage map that often doesn't add up to 100. I'd love to see how (and at what time) my comments get modded up, always (and strangely) to get modded down much much later on. Kind of weird how that works, isn't it?

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Journal Journal: Wow! I can't make anonymous posts anymore!! 5

Really, I'm shocked. I occasionally post Anon when I know it's something that the PC crowd will instantly mark troll or flamebait.

Well apparently /. TRACKS ALL ANON POSTS!! And not liking my occasional anonymous posts (I make a few a month, maybe 4 or 5 max) they have decided that I can't make them anymore.

Wow, so much for Anonymous Cowards!! /. knows and tracks them too...

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Journal Journal: Gee, I have a special friend... 1

Seems someone has decided to mark my posts as a 'Troll' everytime I post now. Well at least everytime they have mod points. How special...

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Journal Journal: What's with this 'slowdown cowboy bullshit'? 1

What, you can only post ONCE every ELEVEN MINUTES now? When did that shit start? You get into a post conversation talking back and forth on points with someone, and now suddenly you have to wait 11 minutes between each post?

Someone needs to get their head out of their ass

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Journal Journal: Sys admin Bullshit at /.

Has anyone noticed that when the sys admins here (like timmy) put up a really dubious or stupid post, that all the comments that point out how stupid it is, (or make fun of them) get modded to -1?

And it happens fairly quickly?

Why would anyone spend (rare) mod points on such a thing? Unless of course it's the admin (who has unlimited mod points) or their friends, (who possibly get them as well).

A lot of the sys admins here really act like 16 year olds. Makes me wonder just what kinds of folks they are. Of course it is their game and no one says they have to be fair. But it would be nicer if they were at least honest. Of course, this kind of BS is just why I -won't- give them any of my money.

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Journal Journal: Foes 1

I can understand putting someone in as a friend, because you want to see what they're doing, etc.

But putting someone in as a foe? That's means you're taking both yourself, and slashdot, WAY too seriously. This place already wastes too much of one's time for you to waste even more tracking the people you disagree with!

Turn the machine off, go outside, look at the pretty gals/guys (your choice) and take a break already! This isn't life, it's slashdot.

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