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Comment Re:Poor Design (Score 1) 150


1). People make stupid powerlevelling farm stuff 2). The farmers and powerlevellers love it, and rate it highly

Why is this a problem? I've been a player from I13 to now, and I made my own powerleveling mission (rated horribly, mind you) and use others. Some people like it to advance their characters. If it's in the game, why not? It's not a crime for people to want to level fast, and it's better then the old-school farming before I14.

3). Actual stories with actual plots are, with rare exception, rated poorly or ignored - "this is too hard, i'm not getting XP fast enuff"

CoX has a lot of players that are there for the lore or the fun. Sure you might get a few bad votes from players that purely want to gain XP, but I've played over 100 player missions - most of the with story. The bad ones (kill McDonalds and fast food icons) get bad scores. A well written storyline will always get a 4 or 5 out of me, regardless of difficulty. It seems a lot of players follow this as well based on ratings in game.

4). If you know 50 people in your guild, you're getting 50 top ratings, no matter what kinda crap you churn out

While this can be true, I've rated a lot of guildies 3-4 based on the depth of the mission. If it's a farming mission and it's amazing, it gets a 5. If it's a simple mission with a great story, it gets a 4. If it's a long mission with a fantastic story, it gets a 5. If it's missing story, or it's a bad farm (LCD) then it goes much lower... for a guildie, I'll drop to a 3. I don't think I'm the only one with morales like this, and it does average in. There may be a little favoritism, but it's not near as bad as you make it out to be.

5.) Rating trading for the rewards 6.) Revenge-rating players you don't like 7.) Extreme polarization of those opposed to powerlevelling and farming, in response

These are more of an issue for people abusing the system, and at low numbers for rating. If you want to avoid this, Pick missions that have been rated the most amount of times. You might still run into it occasionally, but there are over 20,000 missions available now. Compare that to doing the same newspaper missions over and over. Just rate it low and move on, and leave the author feedback.

8). Much QQ 9.) Boo Hoo.

Why did this post get rated 5-Insightful with these two options?

Overall, it's a fantastic system with flaws. More games should offer this sort of creativity but it should be a little more restricted in my opinion.

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