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Submission + - Looking for provider to host Exchange and web

spcherub writes: "A friend of mine runs a small company and uses one of the "major" hosting providers for his web site. As he uses MS-Outlook in the office he is is now looking for a service provider who does all of the following:
- MS Exchange service for email
- Web hosting (PHP, MySQL, CPanel)
- Compatible with QuickBooks integration (for purchases)

I've looked around but have not found a way to search for providers by their services. Microsoft has a listing of their "Preferred" and "Certified" companies, but it is not clear whether or not they can provide the full range of services as listed above.

Aany advice in this regard (including recommendations of providers who can do all of the above), is much appreciated."

Submission + - Secure a PC For Your Mom?

BoneThugND writes: " has published a 20 minute guide to securing a PC. While many of the tips are solid, I am thinking I should go a bit further to protect my mom's new Windows machine. Assuming she is not a very savvy user, what should I be doing to make sure her box isn't slowed down by dozens of malware programs after three weeks of surfing?"

Submission + - Why You Can't Trust Google To Protect Your PC

Anonymous Coward writes: "Google and StopBadware have partnered up to blacklist sites on Google's search engine results who distribute malware. However, they've ended up blacklisting many innocent sites while ignoring lots of confirmed offenders. This site posted a list of websites that Google says are safe to visit, but are genuinely malicious. Sounds a lot like Microsoft's misguided forays into computer security.

Why Google Can't Be Trusted To Protect Your Computer"

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