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Submission + - highschool students find 'magical square'

flok writes: "Three highschool(!) kids from the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands found the most 'magical' 'magic square' found uptill now. The square with a dimension of 12x12 not only has the same sum for all vertical, horizontal and diagognal lines but a couple of other neat specialties as well: the sum of every third part of each row is equal to 270, it is also 'panmagical'."

Submission + - Top 5 Most Overrated People In The Industry

njkid1 writes: "Peruse any video game forum and you'll stumble across crazed fans who put their idols (in this case, game developers and corporate figureheads) on golden pedestals. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but we decided to dig a little deeper to see if theselegendary figures live up to the hype. Behold, the top five most overrated industry people. Try not to pop a blood vessel."

Submission + - Cloaking Device Breakthrough?

An anonymous reader writes: For the first time, physicists have devised a way to make visible light travel in the opposite direction that it normally bends when passing from one material to another, like from air through water or glass, ScienceDaily reports. The phenomenon is known as negative refraction and could in principle be used to construct optical microscopes for imaging things as small as molecules, and even to create cloaking devices for rendering objects invisible.

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