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Comment Re:Linux on Mac?! (Score 1) 780

No, the default setting for 10.8 is MacStore AND known developers.
Known developers being those who have SIGNED their packages.

If you don't like it you can change that radio button in the security preferences to "Anywhere" and be done with it.

Hell, I've had APT warn me that software from a different repository wasn't signed and prompted me to override it before proceding with installation.

This restriction does however not apply to software built on your own machine, only stuff downloaded/copied from another machine/internet.

Comment Re:It's a scanner people can use (Score 1) 835

So what you're saying is that fax machines have been around almost since the dawn of man since apparently there weren't any 55+ year old accountants or bookkeepers around who needed to be taught how to use this newfangled witchcraft known as fax machines when they were invented and made their way into offices around the world?


Submission + - Do We Need an Apple-like Microsoft Store? ( 2

BogenDorpher writes: "As we all know, the Microsoft Store consists of retail stores and an online shopping site owned and operated by Microsoft. Microsoft uses this method to "improve the PC and Microsoft retail purchase experience for consumers worldwide and help consumers make more informed decisions about their PC and software purchases." Others can say, "hey Microsoft, stop copying Apple's idea.""

Submission + - Could you pass Harvard's entrance exam from 1869? ( 3

erfnet writes: "The New York Times remembers back to when "college was a buyer's bazaar" and digs up 19th-century classified ads from Columbia, Harvard, Yale, and others. In competitive efforts to attract students from the limited pool of qualified candidates, applications were taken as late as September for an October freshman class. Vassar offered lush room accommodations. The expectations were high: Latin, Greek, Virgil, Caesar's Commentaries; Harvard's entrance exam from 1869 is posted (PDF): Could any of us pass the exam today?"

Submission + - My Social Security Number, should I give it up? 2

An anonymous reader writes: I've recently gone through hell with my ISP and everytime I call them up they want the last 4 digits of my SSN. WHY? Do they think someone is impersonating me to falsely report that my modem is getting no signal from Comcast?

This drove me mad enough that I called Qwest to set up DSL service, I thought they were charging too much, but I was willing to give it a try just so I could tell Comcast to pound salt. But they wanted my SSN too. I said no and the customer rep said he could try to get it approved without a SSN. After waiting about 10 minutes he came back and said I couldn't get DSL from Qwest without a SSN. This is despite the fact that I offered to pre-pay with a credit card. He said I might be a deadbeat who had skipped out on Qwest in the past.

The point here is that denying your SSN to private enterprises will likely result in you being unable to obtain these services.

If I'm offering cash in hand, or credit which is backed up by Visa/MasterCard or whoever, but refuse to give up my SSN why would you turn down my money?

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