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Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 300

I remember the "What's New?" thing you're talking about. But I have a PSN account. PSN+, in fact (just recently upgraded) and I haven't seen it in like a year, despite constantly updating. Just fiddle around in the settings and you can get it to start anywhere, I believe.

And for the record, I do believe there is a difference between a tiny ad within an icon that links to a store built into the system and actually displaying full video ads.

Comment Re:How about just not naming them real names? (Score 1) 410

Honestly, I know that feeling. I've been gaming for over two decades and I often miss a really good challenge, and to slowly, and methodically make my way through a game. Of course, I also have both college work and a job to take care of, so I don't have the same time to do that, and a backlog of games to play.

Comment Re:I'm Optimistic (Score 1) 816

You make a good point about other companies being bad, but let's make a few notes here:

I doubt many people will claim that Disney never made good, inspired movies. They most certainly have, but many feel they've lost any sense of originality. Secondly, I don't like giving credit to Disney for Pixar movies. Pixar is now part of Disney, yes, but as I understand it, they have a certain level of autonomy.

Comment Re:Education is the answer to the problem. (Score 1) 862

I agree, and I think, for many people, and I'm basing this on my own experiences, so feel free to call bullshit on this, religion is more about comforting people from really, really horrible truths.

People can go through a lot. History is full of people suffering horrible fates and basically having their entire lives destroyed. Now imagine going to someone whose entire family has been murdered in a senseless war or someone who is dying of some incurable, painful disease that there is no explicit reason for these things happening beyond "well, you had land and that warlord wanted it" or "you were unfortunate enough to be born with a genetic predisposition towards this particular disease and medical science has not gotten to the point where it can fix it, assuming it ever can."

It's not hard to see why many people would choose to believe the hardships they face are part of some grand plan that will, eventually, lead to everyone everywhere being happy.

Of course, personally, any plan that involves rape, torture, disease, faminine, pestilence, arson, murder, and jaywalking, is not really a plan I feel comfortable being a part of.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 4, Funny) 446

I'd be kind of interested to see a poll to test this idea that at least 2/3 of Americans would be for anything used on suspected terrorists.

"Do you support training Olympic athletes to hurl javelins (the spear not the missle) long range at suspected terrorists?"
"Do you support training an army of suicide bombers to pre-bomb suspected terrorists?"
"Do you support cutting off parts of countries that harbor suspected terrorists and floating them out to sea?"
"Do you support opening a transdimensional portal to the Realm of the Dark Ones to place suspected terrorists?"

I'd like to know just how outlandish you'd need to go before support dropped.

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