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Comment Re:only Id10T's will be blocked.. (Score 1) 137

Oka incident version 2.5 perhaps? Different situation, same players.

I wouldn't be surprised if such a showdown occurred once again, Province of Quebec vs. First Nations once again will not be a pretty sight. Never was and likely never will be given the dregs which have been fought over due to colonization.

Comment Re:Fucking liars (Score 2) 56

I'll just watch the GCHQ wind up finding itself under the boot heel of Anonymous over time.

I wonder how long it will be until the "Darknet" operations will have turned Mr. Cameron into the same kind of petrified cowards that got turfed in both Canada and Australia. Perhaps it's time for Fawkes to rise again and perhaps start exposing a number of Cameron's corporate friends for their high treason. Otherwise, I'm sure many members in law enforcement would find themselves outed quite nicely.

Comment Re:Lawyers failed at presentation (Score 1) 213

One has to wonder how many delicious details can be said about the ego of said soul. Knowing that the Justice likely has a soft spot for fraud could be reason to see him falling to a so called "Act of God".

Likely wouldn't be surprised if somehow Anonymous decided to call themselves in play and release the judge's personal details.

Comment Re:Sue their pants off! (Score 1) 222

Whiny Cons whining over lawsuits that are aimed at their assets.

A bitchy barrister belittling a crown corporation? Methinks the DCMA could easily be used as a call against the US via NAFTA. But likely won't happen until the current batch of ruling idiots are given pink slips.

I'd be happy seeing the NDP kicking the CPC out of office and start pulling out of NAFTA. I wouldn't mind seeing democracy returned to the people over the corporate right-wing plutocracy.

Won't be long until we see a change in office on both sides of the border again.

Comment Re:He understood games (Score 5, Insightful) 56

Satoru Iwata was the kind of guy I could respect. His humility and honesty was actually something to be admired.

A CEO who actually had the balls to cut his own pay to help the company out. Could also say that he knew his stuff from having worked on the various titles over the years.

I believe we need more like the late Iwata, and less like the "entitled" chief executives one sees in other areas of the world.

Comment Re:Why (Score 0) 529

I can say that given the crap going on in Ottawa nowadays, something like this is expected. Given that the Coward's Party of Canada is lead by a fascist.

Also felt like history got put on replay. The style reminds me more of the FLQ crisis that happened before I was born. Only an idiot would think that history doesn't repeat itself. But there are probably enough people in the country that could see the similarities between the two incidents. Last one was with Quebec separation, and this one feels more like the powers of corruption residing at 24 Sussex Drive.

I'm sure a few formerly living PMs would probably want to see the current one hung or shot for treason.

Comment Re:History is historic (Score 0) 99

Hopefully the CEO will be called back for being a coward and also get fired. His credentials may look impressive, but his manners belong in the brig. I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Iain Standen's attitude gets him heaved like a bloody anchor off the ship. Stuff like this makes the governing board look like they should be getting a few tastes of the proverbial cat o' nine tails.

Frankly from what I had seen, he seems to be more of the kind for getting the gibbet. Antique method of killing that happened to pre-date the guillotine by a few hundred years.

Comment Re:SpaceX (Score -1) 75

Think we could see the start of a U.N. Spacy? Or will we be seeing the possible start of the United Federation of Planets?

If the former, all we need is to see a few functional Valkyrie aircraft. On the other hand, the latter could mean we wind up with something similar to the Enterprise.

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