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Comment Suddenly... CHINA! (Score 1) 185

Is it just me or does OP seem to be stretching a little bit in the last few sentences to try and segue an article about US gender diversity into another dig at the working conditions in China.

Look, I'd like for all the people in China to have nice jobs, and be treated well, breathe clean air and eat double quarter pounders whenever they want to as much as the next guy. But stop blaming Apple for this not happening. Apple strides to set restrictions on their manufacturing partners that have been steadily improving pay and working conditions at those locations, and has gone farther in this regard than most, and even farther than many of their investors would like to see done.

Blame yourselves. The reason that Apple can't push harder for workers rights in China is that beyond using it as an Apple-hateboy talking point we don't actually care. If we did, then we'd be voting with our wallets, paying to buy phones that are "Work Dormitory Free" or "8 hour shifts with nice benefits - Gluten Free", but we don't. If Apple provided a "Good Conscience" iPhone, it would likely cost $1,500 and would be a worse market flop than the Kindle -- Though maybe it's worth a try just so that they can say, "Hey, we tried to give you the option to by manufactured and made in the USA, and you bought the cheap one".

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