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Submission + - The effects of Open Source on Software Development (

phomer writes: "We live an an era where software was become open and freely available. The Open Source revolution has brought huge changes to programming, but underneath all of the noise and hype, what are the real effects of having access to a glut of software? Is this helping to enhance Computer Science, or are the effects actually hurting it? This series of two essays looks at the impact of Open Source on Computer Science (shrink-wrapped software) and on Consulting."

Submission + - Virus that came Pre-Installed on Maxtor HD 1

kirouac writes: "Security mavens from Kaspersky say they have discovered a nasty virus that came pre-installed on Maxtor external hard drives sold in the Netherlands. The virus, dubbed Virus.Win32.AutoRun.ah, was found on the Maxtor 3200 Personal Storage, according to this press release from Kaspersky (translated from Dutch to English courtesy of The company said the virus roots around a computer in search of gaming passwords. The malicious code also rifles through a computer's contents and deletes mp3 files, according to a separate description of the virus, also from Kaspersky. A spokesman for Seagate, which recently acquired Maxtor, said the company was investigating Kaspersky's findings. "This scenario seems unlikely because the 3200 does not have any software preloaded on the drive so there is not an opportunity for a virus to be loaded," he said. Yes the drive is formatted but I have never heard of a virus that lives in the master boot record.""

Submission + - Donate used computers for wounded service members! (

Quakindude writes: "Dear Sir or Ma'am, I am contacting all of our friends in the tech industry to gauge their interest in a project I am trying to organize. Over the last couple of years, HardwareLogic has sponsored a "Hoopty Rig" project, where staff and members donate hardware they no longer need/want to the project. We then find a family or child who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford a computer, and a staff member, or senior forum member, build a system from the parts list, then presents it to the family or child. I'm contacting you today because we've wanted to take the project in a different direction. As I'm sure you know, our country has been involved in a war over the last four years, and an often overlooked byproduct are soldiers coming home with physical and emotional injuries that they may or may not ever overcome. These guys and gals coming home with physical and emotional problems are going to have a hard time adjusting and integrating back into society. Something simple like a computer can help in that it allows them to adjust, and socialize on their terms by being able to send emails, participate in forums or support groups, do research, and simple stuff like help with schooling. As a disabled veteran myself, I understand, at least in part, what these young kids are trying to deal with, and regardless of anyone's personal views on the war, I think we all agree we need to support these young men and women who have sacrificed so much. What we are looking for are donations, not brand new technology, but hardware that might be blemished, "obsolete" (By marketing standards), or excess hardware or systems that can be cleaned up, and which could be used by these young people. It may seem inconceivable in our business, but "old" hardware works perfectly well for someone who needs basic computing functions like Word Processing, Web Browsing, Email, etc. Please do not feel obligated in any way, I'm just wanting to gauge interest from the companies we deal with on a day to day basis, and see how feasible this project is. Of course anyone who participates will get full credit, and I'll ask that people make sure to recognize your efforts as much as possible. I'd like to close by saying this in no way will affect our reviews, we are very very much dedicated to the best reviews around. I've said before that community means everything to me, and hopefully things like this will rub off on others and we can put some older hardware to a good use. Thank you again for your time and consideration. Rich Caporali HardwareLogic"

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