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Journal Journal: Best posts thread

Wish I had some of the oldest ones.

Life of a star & Jupiter can't ignite:

Really bad Taco spelling and a thread on why it's important:

The easy sell: How to sell Linux to constituents:

Taco misunderstands talking beer mugs:

Amusing NYT typo:

Anti-telemarketing idea not so good:

Have to see the parent to see why it's funny:

Distributed functions in Mathematica:

About VW's 239MPG concept car:

kernel 2.6 (and what to do with a 486 or P75):

Transrapid (MagLev) Test not cost-effective
a thread which spawns may responses and makes my calculator spit trillions instead of billions:

Simple question (to ask about Shared Source vs. Open Source):

Where to sue when using a state's junk fax law:

The Ma Bell similarity: Michigan First With A Law That Could Outlaw VPNs
Much comment on this thread, 5 entries from me:

Apple Plans to Purchase Universal Music (and someone didn't know they had the money):

Penny Arcade and Strawberry Shortcake: Fair Use or Tradmark violation:

Using GPS to Hail Cabs:

Minitel Hits Twenty (nobody got the joke):

Microsoft not making stupid claims like Oracle:

Working at Oktoberfest (spawned from dupe about auto-signalling beer glasses:

Question for Neil Gaiman (not used) about author's rights:

Letter to Forbes in re: Dan Lyons:

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