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Comment Re:Can an (Score 1) 1330

Exactly. It's not enough to believe in any invisible sky wizard, you must believe in a particular one. If you believe in the one ( Jehovah's Witnesses ) that doesn't like blood transfusions, you're out of luck.

My church is that of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He doesn't get involved in heathcare, it takes some "all-loving" misogynist prick to do that. Although, FSM does have a thing about ninjas. Where's the anti ninja clause?

Comment Not Bad, but... (Score 1) 86

Context would mean a lot here. More than just simple double negatives.

I see "good" and I flag a plus. You'd probably filter for "not good" easily enough. How about "it seemed very good at the time, but..."

Positive words are a long way from positive sentiment, and vice versa.

China, huh? Doesn't Mandarin have this thing where the word isn't conclusive without others. "Hao" is good. But you kind of need "hao hao" to be sure. "Bu hao" isn't good, but "hao bu hao" is rather open to interpretation.

Comment Re:Why ignore US? (Score 1) 349

Simple, to get coverage in the US you have to play politics with the big telecos. If you don't need that headache, why not avoid it?

In most European countries you just buy the phone and the SIM and off you go. Some of the practices of American service providers are actually illegal in other countries.

Sorry to break it to you, since apparently hadn't noticed before, but when it comes to mobile devices, Americans are used to paying more for less.

Comment Re:University is ... (Score 3, Insightful) 913

Someone mod this up! I couldn't agree. more. University is about education. More importantly, being reasonably conversant on a range of disciplines. The better ones, gasp, still try to offer that.

Focusing on one subject to the exclusion of all else is not a degree. It might be directly applicable to a given job, which makes the exercise job training. You might take subjects that you have no interest in or, more frustratingly, no aptitude for, but that's part of the ride. If nothing else, the reason such education is still valued in the modern world is that it proves an individual has at least the fortitude to tackle a spectrum of topics.

Comment Re:It's the hardware, stupid (Score 1) 1348

I only did it once. Still, point. Joe User? Non Techie? EveryPC? Person who in prior decades had 12:00 blinking on their VCR?

I literally meant grandma, actually. To be honest, mother in law, but it didn't have the same ring. Though grandpa uses the Ubuntu box I set up for him without issue. Their printers are recognized by Ubuntu, be we've had other things that result in tech support calls ( me. ) Every question about some USB dingus, like a camera or wifi dongle, makes me cringe.

I generally recommend everyone buy Apple. Then they can bother their "geniuses" and not me.

Comment It's the hardware, stupid (Score 2, Insightful) 1348

The only real thing that holds Linux back on the desktop is hardware. No so much the actual computer as the myriad of junk people plug into them.

A POS printer from Walmart will run fine on Windows, but not any Linux distro. So many of the external toys that people expect to simply buy and use have zero Linux support. Wifi in particular is tragic.

I use Linux and accept I may have to do a little research to get some PlugAndPray toy that will work. Grandma is lucky if she can figure out where the plug goes. If she plugs into windows, it will usually hold her hand, at the very least say something. If she plugs it into a Linux box, it can be ominously silent.

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