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Comment Cash not Quality! (Score 1) 449

Welcome to the Harvard School of Business. Where the share holder, not the customer, is always right. Where "Employees are our most important expendable asset" is the rule of thumb. Where layoffs are the shortcut to profitability and big returns in stock options and bonuses for CEO's.

Face the facts people!

Employees are a comodity. They are subject to the law of supply and demand.

When demand is high and supply is low, our value rises.

With Low demand and a high supply, our value plummets.

You know, High School Economics Class! Or did you sleep through that too!

Stop yer bitchn! Develop a new skill thats in demand and go back to work!

That is the new way of things!

We've gotton a bit lazy with the economy being a little too good!

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