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Journal Journal: Yey, just another descrete test...

Bombed a Discrete Math test today. Ooops. Thats probably why im changing my major from computer science to Business Management with a minor in CS. I spoke with my advisor today he removed my registration block and even pointed out that many were moving away from the CS major.

I hope business will be right up my alley.

Peace out,

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Journal Journal: Holy Crap Batman! Im poor!

I have no money...

Got a job now...

Borrowed 120 (actually 240) bucks from Renegade, this guy is the coolest person in the world now. The server and I thank you profusely! Hope to get you back in the future!

Other than that, Ive been having fun doing absolutely nothing but playing counter strike.

Damn got 2 papers to write, see ya!


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Journal Journal: Tuesday after Springbreak

Dropped my CS class and added a cake advanced html 404 class and a yoga class yesterday.

Im up to 19 credits this semester... Weee :(
hopefully those 4 credits will help out on the load and the yoga might do me some good.

Need to get a paper written by 2pm so im out.


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Journal Journal: Monday after Spring Break

Im back in school! Oh wait, I forgot, CLASS BLOWS!
Break was fun, got some play and partied with my hometown homies. Cant wait till summer, this rain and freezing wind bullshit its cramping my bubble of happiness.

Peace out,

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