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Comment I don't know (Score 0) 250

Why did this trial take 2 years?? I have not seen any evidence clearly showing Tsarnaev planting a pressure cooker bomb. I have seen a half dozen or so videos of the brothers walking around with backpacks. If you pay attention to these videos you can see at least another half dozen people (men and women) with backpacks of similar size. The only video evidence that leads me to believe he may have done it is the one where the younger brother is close to the front fence and a bomb goes off to the left of him off camera... the rest of the crowd reacts and looks over to the area where the bomb went off... Tsarnaev starts getting out of the area immediately, whereas it takes other spectators a few seconds to start leaving and going to the right.... then 10 seconds later a bomb goes off in camera and the camera goes black. I just want to say I have doubts about all this. It should be well known that organizations and individuals can make a ton of money off events like this. I'm talking stock market action, I'm also talking about new surveillance deals and security apparatuses being sold to the government and private organizations. Just saying there are a lot of people that have motive to set something like this up because they and there friends will profit immensely. Tsarnaev had little motive to do something like this. The only news coverage I saw or heard all had the Tsarnaev's pegged as absolutely guilty from day one. Constant references to "this trial is already over its just a matter of the death penalty" for months. I just want to say I am very worried about how everyone in this country behaves whenever anything "terrorist" related happens. Tell me, have any of you heard Tsarnaev talk freely about what happened that day? In fact I cannot find a SINGLE VIDEO of Tsarnaev saying ANYTHING about all of this. Maybe someone can post some links. If not can any of you explain how what happened here is any different from some of the really awful oppressive countries and governments that you learned about in school during the world wars... russian gulags... siberia never to be heard from again? etc. Look, most likely the Tsarnaevs did do it... but it seems HIGHLY unlikely that there we have brought all parties that were involved in the bombing to justice.

Comment Re:bitcoin has to much fluctuation for them to hol (Score 0) 87

Assuming the merchant instantly converts Bitcoins into cash for say, a $100 equivalent transaction, what is the difference in transaction cost when compared with a credit card? I know credit card transactions cost roughly 2%, or $2 in this case.

It depends on the merchant's Bitcoin processor or whatever private contract they have with them. The main processors are Coinbase and BitPay. There is a transaction fee paid by the customer of .0001 BTC when they make the payment. That fee goes to the Bitcoin miners on the network. The payment processors have varying fees for the transaction that the merchant would pay when instantly converting to cash. I believe there is no fee on the portion of Bitcoin the merchant may or may not choose to hold. For the moment at least.

Comment Happens here in the U.S. too.. (Score 0) 288

These companies have been doing this for years... Facebook, Apple, Google, etc. There has been news story after news story about this, and yet the same people who complain that the "super rich" and "big" corporations don't pay their fair share of taxes, are the same people who are shifting their tax burden outside of the United States to Ireland or Jamaica or wherever else they can get away with cheaper taxes.

And to make it even more silly, the people who do the biggest complaining about individuals and corporations not paying their fair share are either the Liberal-Progressive CEOs, COOs, and other executives at this big technology firms, or it's the minions that constantly and mindlessly buy their products or use their services which allows them to collect all this money to just shift their tax burden to another country.

Comment Re:Change department name (Score 2) 196

Or let's look at a source that doesn't specialize in enema tasting.

25% federal budget goes to Medicare and Medicaid, 23% to Social Security (totalling 48%).

Defense spending is 18%.

I'm sure the numbers are skewed more towards Medicare/Medicaid and Social security for Obama's 2014 proposal.

Now go back to your hole and stop getting news from the biggest shitrag in the world.

Comment Re:Impeachment (Score 2) 383

Probably because bi-partisanship in Congress is non-existent... and whenever one party proposes a bill/amendment/impeachment/takeout menu, it's immediately rejected by the other party. So the only way for anyone to do anything is to put it on the shoulders of the *others* in a big PR stunt-type action that makes the 24 hour news cycle giddy.

Comment Trip chaining? (Score 1) 417

It baffles me how many people make special trips for things, i never go just one place, if i need one thing it can wait until i have more places to go. Go to the grocery store 2-3 times a week, theres 3 on the way home from work. We do big grocery shopping for staples and nonperishables at one further away probably every other weekend, but we also go to target, the hardware store and sams club on those trips.


Brown vs. Startup Over a Sandwich 119

An anonymous reader writes "Crunchbutton, founded by Yale grads, is trying to replicate the success of its one-button food delivery service in and around Brown University. The controversy began when the startup delivered a popular Brown sandwich called the 'Spicy With' to students. Brown's lawyers sent Crunchbutton a cease and desist letter, demanding that the company remove any associations with the university or its name. The startup says it has complied with the demands, yet Brown has not backed off, and it expects to be served with a lawsuit. This tale illustrates the perils of encouraging entrepreneurship while protecting the interests of a big educational institution."

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