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Submission + - No More TV Listings For MythTV Users 1

Ryan Brown writes: "Since September 1st, the free XML TV guide service at zap2it labs has shut its doors due to misuse issues as well as internal business issues. Now that Linux users, and most PVR users for that matter, are nearing the end of their last fetched TV guide, what free alternatives exist that can replace this much needed service?"

Submission + - Comcast Shutting Down Big Downloaders

An anonymous reader writes: The rapid growth of online videos, music and games has created a new Internet sin: using it too much.

Comcast has punished some transgressors by cutting off their Internet service, arguing that excessive downloaders hog Internet capacity and slow down the network for other customers. The company declines to reveal its download limits.

"You have no way of knowing how much is too much," said Sandra Spalletta of Rockville, whose Internet service was suspended in March after Comcast sent her a letter warning that she and her teenage son were using too much bandwidth. They cut back on downloads but were still disconnected. She said the company would not tell her how to monitor their bandwidth use in order to comply with the limits.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone Price Cut - Planned All Along? (

Macthorpe writes: "A blog entry by Robert Cringely relates a story from several years ago with some relevance to the recent iPhone price drop — surmising that Job's personality and other miscellaneous factors show that the iPhone pricing fiasco was planned from the start. From the article: "Had nobody complained, Apple would have left it at that. But Jobs expected complaints and had an answer waiting the $100 Apple store credit. This was no knee-jerk reaction, either [...] most importantly, those who bought their iPhones at an AT&T store will have to make what might be their first of many visits to an Apple Store. That is alone worth the $50 per customer this escapade will eventually cost Apple""

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